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Vidness Dr. Strange Overkill

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@McCloudDash91 its to trap them so they cant move, If i remember correctly he borrows power of denak whos an elder demon who lends out power to mystics who are strong like Strange and Dagger of Denak are just spinning blades ( i know duhh lol ) that causes physical atks
@Imozart0341I oh word? i always thought it was a glitch or something in the final build. cause i dont remember hearing strange say that after he says "astral magic" in the pre-release trailers. but then again, in all fairness, i could be completely wrong
I call them magic fingers. Dr is odd. He feels like he should have a eight way air dash. Its stuck in my muscle memory. I'm trying to figure out how he hits people besides something teleport. You got any ideas?
Nice. Glad to see you picked up Dr. Strange, Vid. Can we look forward to some gameplay with him soon? I'm not getting much luck spectating tournaments.
@IlluminatedPanda I'll up a few matches...I'm still trying to get a feel how to play him though, so it'll be pretty sloppy at first...
does anyone know why doctor strange always says "disks of denak" before going into astral magic?..
dropping skrull? is that going to be ur main team no way jw why you decided to get rid of him
Magic fingers is the name of this team sir. I'm currently working on the same team.
good team synergy i run strange and drommy also but nova instead of doom
Great to see the good old "strange" doctor on your team, Vid.
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Dr Strange easy bnb

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Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange!

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I love her

Dr Strange TTK

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