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In the Lab with Ryan Hunter: Strange Tech - UMvC3

This episode of In the Lab explores techniques for Dr. Strange to setup mixups after a knockdown, without the use of assists. Visit //www.option-select.com ...

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@Shekeib most ppl tend to tech roll back words so once i do the dagger i just teleport right away and its hard to punish cuz the daggers keep them in blockstun if their not hit already and you can create a good teleport mix up when you use your first teleport then TK the next one its instant and your first two frames of teleport is invincible so if you teleport to the front of your rival then TK the next one if they try to punish the front tele it will wiff which leaves them open to a over head
@Imozart0341I Although c.M is pretty bad on the ground (horribly long recovery), it is actually a great anti air. You can do c.M xx L Mystic Sword which is safe on block, and on hit, go right into a jump loop (j.MMH t.H) for a big combo. Unfortunately, unless you happen to have a Red Grace right where the opponent lands (lol), there isn't much you can do off his air throw without an otg assist.
so you'll have to react to the way they tech roll in the corner in order to do the appropriate motion for the teleport, right? I keep trying to pull it off by reacting to the tech roll direction but I end up gettin light srk swords accidentally.
@OptionSelectDotCom Hey Ryan i couldn't get the new UMVC3 guide aka "the new testament" cuz its sold out i was wondering whats a good anti air normal for Dr Strange and also how to Capitalize of his air throw besides using his otg hyper.
Ryan what team are you using in UMVC3? and why? Are you using strange + hawkeye and someone else? Would love to see some of your teams synergy if you wouldn't mind putting out a vid of some of your combos.
Looking forward to seeing what you develop with strange, and looking forward to seeing strange develop as a character. Disappointed you dropped ammy though, but oh well, least your playing hawkeye now.
@FlashMetroid If only there was a stream archive of you saying "OMG THAT'S SICK! That's like something I would come up with!" ...oh wait. :)
hey ryan.. your dr. strange is ASSS!!! straight up DOO DOO!!! i bet you cant even pull these off in real matches #trainingmodeking lol =)
I think if he had a Air dash he would be a incredible character. His lack of movement leaves his as a heavy set up and mix up character.
This is just plainly beautiful!! Tears came to my when i realised what you did with that last strange combo set up thing
ryan hunter is the only person who can make good tutorial vids. i dont even play mvc3 and i found this interesting
@OptionSelectDotCom Do you guys think you can make a breakdown video for those Dr. Strange combos you're using?
Very nice corner stuff, I'd been looking for something like this. If only I realized that about projectiles ;_;
oo interesting. how does this work out against characters using an invincible hyper when they wakeup?
Awesome vid. The last combo using strange's assist to setup hawkeye's slide.......pretty smart.
@Thegearsofwar2268 FlashMetroid's stream on twitch tv. The end of his most recent stream.
oh gad finally some dr. strange tech, just when i dropped him from my team too :(
That's some fantastic tech. I hope you don't mind if I assimilate it :>
good shit ryan hunter! 'bout time we got some Strange tech out there.
That last mix up was sooooo dirty! haha Very nice stuff as always :D
he can teleport in the air though and goes into flight really quick.
Good shit, that tech is pretty nice. Definitely will come in handy.
@OptionSelectDotCom where is this archive? I'd like to see it =]
Nice mixup tech. Hopefully, I can pull this stuff off online.
@FlashMetroid If "this shit sucks," why are there 142 likes?
You always in there with the characters I like. Good stuff!
shit blew my mind restarted the first minute like 15 times
You are a dirty diabolical man Dr. Hunter.
@iequalasian he said "BRING SOME COMDOMS!"
lol "strange" tech. I c wut u did thar
FlashMetroid trolling ryan hunter lol

DRPR 36: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Ep 29: "Way Back When" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews

In the summer mid-season premiere Database Ranger returns home to try to get over his worst day ever and ends up reviewing Power Rangers Operation ...

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Say what you will about Operation Overdrive, but I don't think it is the worst for 3 reasons (especially when compared to Samurai and Mega Force). 1) Whether you like the characters or not (as well as some of the actors) there is at least some development for every ranger in Overdrive. 2) The Disney producers (despite hating almost every season they owned while working on them) at least didn't just copy and past the story of the Sentai and tried some original plots (including Mack being a robot, which I will defend as at least being something different/developed well). 3) The globe trotting aspect may not have been the strongest story (go to place, get the thing, and hopefully it is a jewel), but you could tell that the actors tried hard to give decent performances with what they had to work with.
You know, it's kind of sad. Operations Overdrive, when it first got started, did have a lot of potential. The idea of them being treasure hunters was inspired, and I was actually looking forward to this concept. But the geographical and historical inaccuracies were extremely glaring and almost impossible to ignore, so much so that I even remember the 8 - 10 year old kids I was babysitting at that time for pointing them out on occasion (such as point-blank asking me why the Rangers were fighting on a mountain region when they were supposed to be in Florida). So, yeah, that really turned me off.
+Database Ranger's Power Reviews Operation overdrive is where I started loosing interst in the Power Ranger Series as a whole, not even finishing the series and totally missing the Jungle Fury and RPM intil recently when + MegaGIJosh and his friend did the reviews of it, and then catching the 2010 Thing that aired and started fully watching again with Samuri
I like Overdrive, but this episode only needed to change one line for the clip show to make sense. They know they're looking for the fifth jewel, and they review their past adventures to see if there was something obvious they missed that might lead them to it.
Doctor K forgot that the Pterodactyl isn't a fore bearer of any birds, let alone chickens specifically. It wasn't even a dinosaur, T-Rex is more closely related to Chickens than Pterodactyls.
I think you should end up doing a review of Forever Red when you are not reviewing current Power Rangers episodes
I really didn't have a problem with Operation Overdrive. I found it rather enjoyable for the most part.
lol @ the will is a thief line. hes scum lol but great episode!!!
yes Foreever Red would've been could

DRPR 34: Power Rangers Turbo Episode 22: "Trouble By The Slice" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews

Database Ranger attempts to flee from his mysterious pursuers, and tries to keep his spirits up by doing a review of Power Rangers Turbo's infamous episode 34 ...

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I don't care what anyone says, this is my alltime favorite Power Rangers Turbo episode because of Mad Mike; The PIZZA CHEF
+TheGreatKidd11You deserve a couple of spicy ones. :p
+TrentTheHedgie I liked the part where blue forgot his name starts with a s form kingdom hearts but anyways he said butts lololololololol

DRPR 35: Power Rangers in Space Episode 35: "Silence is Golden" - Database Ranger's Power Reviews

In the Summer Mid-Season Finale, Database Ranger continues to evade his pursuers and tries to keep quiet as he reviews the classic Power Rangers in Space ...

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+Database Ranger's Power Reviews I had a crush on Ashley back then
me 2 Vandalia. I agree ^_^. She was really pretty back then.
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