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Doctor strange darkforce Videos

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser Trailer Reaction

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I'm out, fuck Star Wars, and fuck the fanboys
get on it hipster
+Kyle Weiss byeeeeeeeeeee! more theaters seats for me and my friends.
Its really too bad you guys had a to get all preachy and political. Show more self respect in the future, please. You don't need to stoop to this.
+RealityIsTheNow Their self-respect looks fine though.
Oh yay....Women, Mexicans, blacks, Asians are in Star Wars so now you guys are happy. Take everything away from Whites and then you'll be happy. Or is it you won't be happy until there are no Whites at all in the movies? A war is coming and you won't like the result.
+Paul Dube cool story bro
The ending should have Darth Vadar killing everybody making their mission a failure
+blackcobra1981 but it wasnt a failure they got there info into Leias Hands
Guys ,I agree that colour and even gender with some exceptions are not what makes and should make you relate to someone,obviously.However Batman is not a marry sue he was trained as a warrior and a detective.You guys know that.He might be good at too many things for sure but he didn't just became batman overnight.This is where lies the problem. Rey as much as I love her Character is indeed a Mary sue.There is nothing wrong with that we just need to acknowledge it.
She is not a Mary Sue. Yes, she is good in everything (just like Anakin) as a necessity, but she struggles in the film, she isn't flawless and makes some mistakes.
Who is Mary Sue?
Mary Sue is a term describing someone as pretty much being good at everything without any prior experience
All the things this trailer brings, and people are still so narrow minded that they focus on the gender of the lead role. Seriously.
yep, its quite sad that fans of Star Wars are such bigots, they are completely missing the point of the movies the claim to love.

Deliverance From Evil Dark Forces with Exorcist Bill Bean

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Houses that are built on Limestone are prone to hauntings because of the Quartz content that draws these entities, anything will Quartz in it will draw unwanted stuff Quartz jewellery or even watches, spirits negative feed off of the Piezoelectric charge from it.
+SCARE THE WEANS Limestone is made out of calcium carbonate, not quartz. However limestone deposits can have some chert nodules in them which are made out of quartz. The chert nodules make up a small portion of the overall limestone deposit. Now on the other hand, rocks like granite, quartzite and sandstone are loaded with quartz.
Can you post the photo he described?
+Jermaine Coney Go to billbean.net. Tell me what you think.
Hey Kevin, did you guys check out the new earth channel yet>? It's not much woo, but the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Cheers Mate ;)
+Bizzare77777 Type 'new earth' into the search bar. She explores and exposes ancient history and how we have all been mislead with our history books. Right now I am watching the newest one about Florida, but click on that channel and see what you are drawn to, or where you live, or your interests. Expect your mind to be blown away.
+S Kelly What channel is this??

Superhero Slate 053 - King of Wakanda

In this week's Superhero Slate, Black Panther hires a director, we ask if a hoodie reveals Spider-Man's new costume, discuss superhero TV shows, and more!

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I've been working 12 hour days for the past three weeks. That creates a lot of dread about going to work, especially on Mondays. You guys are the one gleaming light that gets me up and moving. Monday isn't "crap it's back to work" day, it's SuperheroSlate day! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to during this time of crushing work loads.

Antarctica's Pharaoh & Trinity+Earth's dark force overlords; May,2014

(FOR RESEARCH AND FAIR USE ONLY) I first noticed a 'hyper-dimensional' Pharaoh's face in Antarctica using Google Earth , and noticed also that opposite ...

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look also at the 'eyeball' and then face i have just noticed , that's almost in the middle of a straight line from the 'craft to the Pharaoh's third-eye head bit ' .Check it out easiest at 1:20 and 2:01 sec's ! And after just now watching a documentary which has led me to consider that, this 'combination humanoid' ? + ? ,may in fact be a representation of the original Babylonian Trinity ! One things for sure , there is more going on with that ??? opposing the Pharaoh's face than what it appears at first glance , this is becoming a really intriguing video and not because i made it .

Evil Dark Forces Aliens Demons Portals with Exorcist Bill Bean

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Thanks gentlemen.

Dr Hasbeen - Live at Sonic Rock Solstice 2015

Dr Hasbeen, captured live in their true style and sonic flair at the wonderful Sonic Rock Solstice festival, UK! Performance by; Martyn 'The Doc' Hasbeen - Guitar ...


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