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Comic Reflections #2 5-8-12 Robin Supergirl Dr. Strange Hulk Avengers Golden Age Silver Bronze.wmv

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Do you mean we should do an episode every month that's more 'comics history' than 'comics current'?

Radio BAMF Episode 21: Mystery Comics Winner!

News, reviews and odd points of views from the world of comics from UK fans! This week we discuss X-Force film news, Quantum & Woody, Hawkeye, ...

Even Spider Man Can't Stand Deadpool! | Comic Chat with Gat

New show! New show! New show! This week we discuss the new Spiderman/Deadpool crossover issue, Archie #5 and Darth Vader Volume 2! Then on ...

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Young Justice was favorite comic book TV show. Live action though, definitely Flash.
+Richard Brady I only have like 15 more days till they remove it from Netflix!!! Gotta finish it :) - Taylor
I don't think she actually died of a broken heart but I'm a Star Wars negative nancy usually too. I liked the new one though.
+Richard Brady Well, she "lost the will to live". It is dumb haha. I loved the new one, Chris.. not so much. - Taylor

Stan Lee at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con - Meet Stan Lee

// POW!'s Comic Book Legend Stan Lee To Attend 2012 Wizard World Chicago Comic Con Iconic Creator, ...

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That's for a complete VIP package. Anyone who paid the regular ticket prices has a shot at seeing him (thought an autograph will set you back about $60).
OMG !!! I just bought some of Stan Lee POW! Entertainment stock ((((((POWN)))))))
Didnt have to. Payed entrance ticket and saw him fro free.
I shouldn't have to pay $499.00 to see you.
i would love to see him oneday...
Bring him to Austin :)

63 Crazy Comic Book Facts! (feat. YOU!) || Comic Misconceptions || NerdSync

If you're new to the channel, this video is going to seem super weird. We're celebrating 100 episodes of Comic Misconceptions with YOU! Hundreds of NerdSync ... //

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What a bunch of nerds
+Joshua mejia *Geeks
Hey NerdSync :D I was wondering if you could tell me what "RedCon" is ? You seem to use it when brushing up on theories
+NerdSync thank you ;)
Retcon. Retroactive continuity. Basically mean an established fact is altered. E.g. adding in new information. - Nali
so im just wondering is nightwings emblem blue or red as i seem to see it change a lot and idk whether its because of artists change or new versions but yh
+Zahir Khedri ah thnx bro did they ever switch colours before
Pre-52 (Before reboot) Nightwing had blue.New-52 (After reboot) Nightwing had red.
dear nerdsync. in the comic the amazing spiderman giant sized 30th anniversary Spidey vs. venom the final confrontation, page four box 2, spiderman is swinging through the city all scratched up states something... weird. he says that, "I get my parents back after thinking they're dead for two decades", what does he mean by this. I know they were killed in the airplane but can you make a video to explain if this is canon or not? thanks, your friend, Lucas, aka roaringskies
+Zahir Khedri it was peters parents
He was probably talking about Aunt May and Jay Jonah Jameson Senior (Not to be confused with his son, JJJ Junior, the guy that hates on Spidey in the papers.) because they're the closest thing he has to having actual Parents cus his real ones died.
Did you know in the original star Lord comics the master of the sun,mother big dude he gave Peter his powers, eventually noped his way out of his job and turned into a space dinosaur leaving star Lord to float around the Galaxy doing his thing
*the big dude, not mother where the heck did mother come from
Auram and his Spider Woman fetish cannot be contained
I believe he filmed that video a few times just to get it perfect. Haha
here's my own crazy comic book fact. Did you know Shazam(Captain Marvel) was originally gonna be named Captain Thunder?
Yep! We made a video about it! The very first Tie-In!
Sorry to say I procrastinated a bit too long even though I had a fact ready since you first announced this ^^; But hopefully someone finds this interesting here... and I can go beyond the 15 second limit so that's a plus. Batwoman was originally created in 1956 because 2 years earlier a book called Seduction of the Innocent proposed that Batman and Robin were gay, not just a Jeff Dunham, joke the book was basically that periods version of "Video games make kids violent" The book was taken seriously enough that it influenced the creation of the Comics Code Authority. Batwoman was literally created as a love interest for Batman in order to combat the allegations of him being gay she disappeared when the editor for Batman Comics was changed and was even retconed in crisis of infinite earths What makes this interesting is that in 2006 Batwoman was brought back but rather then as a love interest to Batman she came back as a lesbian character herself. That's basically a full 180 going from a way to deny homosexual accusations to a representative of the lgbt community herself. And it only took 50 years... oh...
Great fact!

13 Best Marvel Comics YOU SHOULD BE READING!

From the big name heroes so some outliers you might not know, these are the best of Marvel's comics lineup. ---------------------------------- Follow IGN for more!

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WTF are these comics, they look like they are for kids
+Russ Tseu Comics are for kids?
IGN is best known for dickriding everything that is Marvel so its no surprise that they'd recommend such comics.
No Spider-man renew your vows? Or The Amazing Spider-man comics?
+bigdjman45 Renew Your Vows was a Secret Wars tie-in. It's over.
Lol all new wolverine being good... I'm waiting until they bring the real wolverine back...
+Shadow 12 "I'm waiting until they bring the real wolverine back..."So what you're saying is you haven't actually read it? Good to know.
Well u can read old man logan. he is in the main world now.
no amazing spider-man or Spider-man well done ign *sarcastic clap
+Justice Robot 7 its taken the character in a good direction and is building to something that looks very good in dead no more
+Justice Robot 7 better then invicible iron man and totally awesome hulk
They have to stop turning traditionally male characters. female....seriously...nobody wants to see female wolverine and thor
+Carey Cooper Unless there is "man" or "woman" in the title I don't think it matters. If you're okay with someone taking over for a character it shouldn't matter what gender that character is.Not to mention it's always nice to change up the norm from time to time and introduce a wider audience to a lesser known character. People know who Wolverine is but they don't know who X-23 is, but have Laura take over for a bit and people can familiar themselves with that character so when Logan eventually does come back in that role people will also know who Laura. Will they ever be more popular than the original? In most cases no, but this comics from the big 2 (Marvel & DC) where they'll constantly put out comics for years so taking a bring with a character isn't really a bad thing in my opinion. If you don't like it, that's fine everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I'd suggest you at least check it out though and don't just write it off because it's not thee Wolverine or a male Wolverine in general.
+Dominic G i think comic book it male or female should always be gender specific....its not a comic book..but they made a female Link for the Legend of Zelda...which is fine for a game like hyrule warriors..but not a main zelda game...thats just blasphemy
+Carey Cooper and names like Superman and Batman aren't?They're just names no need to get all homophobic. Not to mention these characters were made quite a while ago.
+Dominic G i admit..i wasnt sure about the marvel...but catman and wonderman? thats so gay
+Carey Cooper Yup albeit not same company.DC has Catman (Hero) and Marvel has Cat-Man (Villain) Marvel has a hero named Wonder Man And both DC and Marvel have/have had male Captain Marvel's so essentially Mr. Marvel if you want to call them that though they haven't been referred as such.
+Dominic G catman and wonder man exists? lol
+Carey Cooper You say that like those characters don't exist. They do.
+Fate862 dont forget about mr marvel
+Fate862 yeah your right..i cant wait for wonder man, catman, to come out..Thor and wolverine are dudes names
+Carey Cooper Speak only for yourself. I was waiting for X-23 to take up the mantle of Wolverine but then you get a female thor and wolverine and its actually good it brings some cool stuff and life into it. A lot of heroes change to another hero to take up the name and noone complains but if its a woman then oh my god you people don't shut the hell up about it as if the world isn't populated by more women than men...I'm a dude and I appreciate different and good characters replacing the best in comics I loved as long as they don't stink.
+jade dIt's not like Logan is gone completely Old Man Logan has a series all to himself which is also good. Other than that I don't know what to tell you if you don't like it don't buy it, but you also can't be one of those people saying it sucks if you aren't reading it. Plus it's comics sooner or later they'll be back in their original mantels.
+Dominic G X-23 was cooler then let's just turn everything to boob's, at this rate I don't even care no more, the 90's things slowly being ruined, next will be a Girl gambit and has lesbian action with rogue
+Carey Cooper All-New Wolverine has been awesome so yes I would like to see that. Haven't read any of Thor so can't speak on that.

Dr Peter Fenwick on Near Death Experience (NDE)

Our facebook account is // Our Website is // Our Twitter account is: //!

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Can anybody explain me? Till now nobody has died so he came back to earth. So comparing clinical death and death is maybe not right. What are your opinions on argument, that tunnel and light and meeting with spirits are only fantasies of brain which is loosing oxygen? Thank you.
+MaryThank you for your answer. I do not say it is impossible, nobody knows how long can we have the consciousness after physical death. MAybe forever, but it is only theory.... I wonder your opinion on thinking that after death it is the same situation like before the birth.... we can not have consciousness if we did not have it before the birth....
+ivanwesteurope From the studies done so far, these experiences do not fit the 'hallucinations' theory.  When the brain is deprived of oxygen (hypoxia), your thinking and cognition levels become confused and disoriented.  The people who have these experiences describe the total opposite:  that reality becomes crystal clear and 'far more real' than the physical life they've known.
Can't fucking stand faggot doctors like this guy I can't wait until i'm dying, so I can spit in my doctor's face and tell him to fuck off. That is my death wish
+sharkonwhisky Fair enough
+Legion Obeys It sounds like are living a good life and will die a pleasant and peaceful death.
very interesting
+Dee J thank you
People who have had near death experiences talk about life reviews, how they see what they did to others in the eyes of who they did it to. Imagine the life review of a huge terrorist who signs off on thousands and thousands of deaths via terror drone attacks. Could be literally millions of years life review for such evil ones. Who they killed and wounded and how it effected all, and I mean ALL the relatives and friends, and for how many years and years and years per each person. - is this really how it is? Ask the people who have had those near death experiences. I'm not one of them. Danion Brinkley is one who has had 4 near death experiences. Brinkley was a low level mercenary, and he describes that each time he had to go through the life review, and he describes it as "I had to go through the wwwhhhhoooooolllleeee thing". The whole thing, and Brinkley was just a low level hit man. What about the big terrorists who sign off on killing 25 innocent people in order to kill 1 guy they say is a terrorist? No trial by jury. Nothing. So what's this guy who signs off on drone attacks every day, what's his life review? Millions of years? Millions of years of the hell he did to others, all the pain he did to them through their eyes? A good chance of it. I have a game called the zyac game I invented (see videos on it.) It uses the pendulum. I was thinking about how Obama "N-worded" himself And here's the message I got from zyac: NIGD Amazing Paranormal Story here //
+T Green thats interesting ...i agree the idea of actually realising teh pain we acutely cause others is v disturbing...even if it's true cos on thislife we tend to ignore the pain we inflict
Thanks for your beautiful and thought-provoking comment. I salute you.As for terror drone attacks over innocent women and children in Pakustan and Afghanistan; it isn't hidden from the world that the U.S and CIA are behind them.
+T Green AMEN!!!!
+More Talk The near death experience of a personal judgment is the most disturbing, in fact more so than being told that I had cancer! Also being told by an angel that Heaven regrets the powers that had been invested in me! There was more but there was no light. But the second time after forgiveness was asked for and granted, I was invited to go into the light but I chose earthly life and came back to the hell of my post op treatment. But am I a changed man? To say that I am would be a massive understatement.
+Albert Fairtax What about people like Howard Storm??? They will tell you there is a place called hell. And I do believe that some will go there. Not all, and I do believe God is over flowing with love also. But hell is.
+Albert Fairtax Hi thanks for reply its an interesting point, the near death experience in general is just fascinating to me, I will be doing more interviews on this subject.
I actually had a dream, many years ago, I had, what seemed to be a wreck, we were in a red car, we were in ditch, there was a young blond haired boy in the back seat, I, hovered over the car, the boy was okay, I, went through a tunnel towards a light, the most amazing thing was that I had to sit in a room waiting until I was called, their was an older couple sitting on the bench waiting? I waited until I got tired of waiting and I decided I wanted to be done with waiting...this was in 1969...I was afraid to be in a red car for years..................I have no idea what it means........I can tell you, it was in a desert area, I didn't wreck the the car, we were just in the ditch?? I really don't care what any boy else thinks...I have seen too many things in dreams not to believe.....Our little soul lives...we learn, we teach, but we must learn what we need too
it's called a dream you nutter.
Very interesting, but one thing that puzzles me about NDEs is why not everyone who has died and been resuscitated has experienced an NDE (or elements of the NDE phenomenon). Any ideas?
+Rose Viola Yes this is true, but it could well depend on the part of the brain that is affected if one is having an NDE. The brain is obviously playing a key part in these experiences. Worth keeping dreams in mind..some people dream vividly every night, others claim to never remember their dreams. When trying to induce OBE's, an important part of the process is improving your dream recall by writing dreams down as you awake, as in theory it is possible to experience OBE's without any recall of them on waking unless your recall is good.
Perhaps they don't remember?
+Sam Armstrong You are a douchebag.
because it's all bullshit.

Will Smith & Tom Hardy Joining Suicide Squad

Will Smith & Tom Hardy Joining Suicide Squad Subscribe Now! ▻ // When Warner Bros announced a Suicide Squad movie was ...

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GTFO here like will smith would ever play such a loser super villain maybe dead shot or black widow or black manta or death stroke or bronze mother fucking tiger and as a movie goer im suppose to belive that captian boomerang who in every incarnation in every story some way some how the writes have to fine a way to make some wat useful and relevant is ganna get probably they most famous and talented actors of this generation ........nigga plz ..........if there was anyone who could play capitan boomerang it would have to be the late steve irwin the only guy that could take a c list super villain and make him some wat cool with out damaging their career .... crikey
Tthe only role will smith would have have interest in playing is black manta is aquaman so his son jaden can play kalderon aka Aqualad so his son can ride that superhero movie wave thats coming because he gets wat he want 1. a star role 2.his son is being featured 3. He hasn't had a silver screen portal of a super villain and the wb Cinematic Universe gets what they want 1. A big name like will smith in their own movie 2. A reason for people who dont kno who aquaman is to watch aquaman 3.get a more diverse audience
You might be surprise but giving the fact that the villains are not major it would be worth it to see top actors put there own spin on it
Here's my personal casting choice (my personal opinion): Ryan Gosling as Deadshot Will Smith as Black Spider Tom Hardy as Col. Rick Flag Unknown actor as Cpt Boomerang Margo Robbie as Killer Frost Unknown actress as Harley Quinn. But I'd recommend establishing Harley as Joker's gf/sidekick and Batman villain first before adding her to the SS movie or doing anything like that with her.
Oh yea and since the TV and Movie universes are completely different they can't use Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger which sucks. So I suggest they get an unknown actor to play him in the movie if they're adding him.
Margo *Robi
That would be a miracle
Tom Hardy - Deadshot Margot Robbie - Harley Quinn Will Smith - Black Spider Ryan Gosling - Captain Boomerang
Just what came to my mind when I saw the cast
that would make perfect sense- bane,the only major DK villain that we didn't see die is taken in by Suicide Squad as in comics and likely as hardy is back, and john blake becomes second batman [afflecks batman] as it is clear blake took on a role of robin/b-man at the end of the DKR but it couldn't be robin as he was too old. A perfect way to tie in the biggest grossing, most popular DC film with its revamped universe. Financially great idea as it will appeal to new audience and be fresh [DCU] and will also appeal to old audience and have good rep. and momentum [DK]. Also makes perfect sense in acting terms and comic terms, as hardy is back and there is a second batman in the comics. Just imagine- alfred is locking up the batcave as bruce is with selina in florence, but finds gear missing and the computers active, so he hides and catches blake coming in to try and rebuild batman. alfred argues with him but they come to an agreement and batman is reborn. batman then goes on to monitor superman who levelled metropolis, and helps fund luth corp [philanthropically] as he, with alfred, bought most of the wayne ent. shares, to rebuild metropolis. batman and superman fight as they are technically enemies. wonder woman is distubed and tries to break them up and acts a s diplomat. luther builds a cyborg out of robot and man to fight batman, superman and wonder woman who team up against him but the cyborgs human conscious returns after a KO so he joins up with the 3. aquaman complains to superman about sea pollution as result of his work with luth corp and wayne tech. the 4 try to win over aquaman and work against luth corp as his city influence and power spreads and gets richer. at end of movie, the origins of justice league form and fight luther as the void between myth world [were aquaman and wonder woman come from] and real world breaks and luther effectively achieves world domination. hence, justice league movie. then, in suicide squad movie, the squad are sent to fight uprisings by the gov. who are corrupted and influenced by luther.
+Mike Bobby Officer Gordon?" Read again dumbass" Might wanna take your own advice [the irony here] Great, It's now i realized i've been chatting with a troll all this time. Well played.. You almost had me going there. Unless you really are a tard and still want evidence that Lewit WAS ROBIN and if Nolans is connected to Batman v Superman. Here:// of Justice is NOT a  continuity with Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy.Enjoy your evidence and shut the fuck up now ty. And for the last time, every "advice" you gave me, Right back at ya! All 3 points.
+Ajestic i never said officer gordon was impersonating wayne. read again dumbass. and even if he was they wouldn't reveal it as it would be a major plot point. no, he wasn't robin. he clearly stated it was simply an allusion. and NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER tells us TDK trilogy [not ~TDKR, thats only the final film idiot] isn't connected to the DCU, Im not being stubborn or narrow minded, it is u as you have escalated to insulting and contradicting very quickly and you aren't even considering the move which would be amazing for business as DKR was popular and DCU is slow of the blocks. and u do need to go on with ur rant, cos the chance of something coming out of a long rant is greater than that of a short one. and do you even know what wannabe means?? you misusing it in the context- I'm not trying to be a script writer, and I'm not pretending to be one.1] learn english.2] learn to argue.3] brush up on your trivia.all i want is a practical criticism where i can go 'yeah, maybe i was wrong' but all i have got is a glorified preaching of bullshit resting on various proxies for support.please give a proper review. I'm just ignoring u till i get one.
+Mike Bobby Oh god.. Let's get one thing straight. Ben Afflec is playing BRUCE WAYNE, and wtf are you babbling now about?. The cast has alredy been decided and officially released so many months ago, he is not Officer Blake impersonating Bruce Wayne playing Batman. Ben Afflec is Bruce Wayne and Jeremy Irons Alfred. Period.Now that alone debunks your wannabe hollywood scriptwriter thingy which was actually the only thing i needed to present to this case, like i said in my last comment. Therefore i don't see the point of giving every claim you had to rest. I can go on and on for every row of that script u conjured up but i don't need to. It's just plain stupid. And you not seeing that says something.. And yes, Officer Blake was "robin" in Nolans story, he even spoke about this on the bluray extra. It's his own universe, didn't have to be Tim, Jason, Dick, Damian. Evidence tells us TDK and the new DCU are seperate stories and cannot be combined mainly cause of Nolan structured his trilogy. Now, if you aren't happy with this, it's your problem. So stubborn and narrowminded. However since Tom didn't show is face playing Bane it's possible for him to take on another role without being recognized to much for it to be a distraction in Suicide Squad.
+Ajestic most of ur argument was u just saying it wouldn't work. so yeh, learn to resent a case properly and why? and for the tiny reason  u gave me, its clear Levitt wasn't robin [older, different profession and different name to all robins], there is more than one batman: affleck doesn't have to be bruce wayne, dc have only said he's batman and hasn't explicitly said he's bruce wayne and then alfred doesn't have to be the same as the former: there is more than one alfred.u criticise my idea yet you have no alternative. tell me why its stupid i honestly don't give a fuck about your opinion.
+Mike Bobby Gosh where to start with your ridiculous script.. I could tear it all apart at every row but it won't be necessary.. For starters it's what people are trying to say to you.. It's impossible to tie TDKR with the coming DC Universe setup so even from the start you are way wrong. It doesn't fit in ANY way into the storyline. It's like trying to fit Harry Potter into a Star Wars saga  It's on that level of dafuq. I really don't understand what you were thinking when picturing Joseph Gordon-Levitt character Officer Blake "aka Robin" growing up to be Ben Afflecs BRUCE WAYNE. They are two different characters. Bruce Wayne is Bruce Wayne, Officer Blake is Officer Blake/Batman's legacy, not Wayne himself.Jeremy Irons playing Alfred so even the age scale would be enough for you to realize.But i've come to understand with your "It makes 100% sense" response that critical thinking isn't your strongest suit.. ^^ Have a nice day
+Ajestic tell me why its a bad idea other than the error pointed out above. it makes 100% sense
And after that we are gonna get Henric Cavill replaced with Nicholas Cage as superman, and the end of the movie he is gonna fight a giant spider.
i know, but it would make great money for dc if they were connected somehow and it would be great for fans [therefore fun and better for future money]. so one can hope!
+Mike Bobby Because it doesn't line up. The Dark Knight Trilogy isn't canon to the DC cinematic universe so all the stuff that had to do with the two tying in wouldn't work. I honestly liked some of your other ideas though. Not all of them but some of them.
+asshole  i mean +Akil Brazier why??? its a perfectly fine idea
Good thing you're not a Hollywood director.....

This Week With The SuperHeroes 12 30 15

Welcome to The Basement! This week I give my thoughts on a number of topics DC doing television better than Marvel The 'white washing' controversy of the ...
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