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All The Strange, Strange Creatures

ORIGINAL MUSIC from SERIES THREE of DOCTOR WHO. The Trailer Music. Go to my channel to listen to the soundtracks of: Doctor Who - Series 1 & 2 Doctor ...

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this could have been a good fit for the dr who main theme
+Slothatrongaming if it was a film mabey
+Ninjanoto 2 not really
Any moment now... He's a-comin'
+FrozenKing18 Avanti
I swear I heard this in the time of The Doctor...
+Paul McDaniel You Did!
Aaaaand just now on the Time of the Doctor, I cried when this theme showed up.
+nWoAJLee4life I think it's called Final Days the one on TofD
It was actually the variant from The End of Time. But you're right, it was awesome! :)

HQ: All The Strange Strange Creatures (Prom Version)

HQ: // High Quality version of All The Strange Strange Creatures from the Doctor Who Prom. For even ...

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+KnucklesProtector I think he also says "avanti" sometimes as well
+Ninjanoto 2 Isn't it Allons-y?

Doctor Who Series 3 - 'All the Strange Strange Creatures'

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I wish they still used this music in Doctor Who. I like the new stuff, but series 3 has the best soundtrack in my opinion.
I swear when ever I listen to anything from the Doctor Who OST, It spouts epic every freaking time...
no the first 20 seconds sounded like the start of "Westminister Bridge"
0:18 I was expecting Rose's alarm to go off..... Just me then? xx
David Tennant The Best!!!!!!!!!
No, but it is a lot like it!
...your telling me.
this is intense!
cool music

Doctor Who Soundtrack: All the Strange, Strange Creatures/ The Futurekind Mix.

A mix of All the Strange, Strange Creatures and The Futurekind from the Series Three soundtrack, done just for fun. Copyright to Murray Gold and the BBC.

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An amazing job a perfect blend A+ from a huge Doctor Who fan. I would be interested in a mix with the drums the ending at 3:17 I just love the drum beat version of the song. Any idea where I could get my hands on that?
When I started listening to this I had doubts as to whether I liked it or not...but have grown to love it!!! Something only a true Doctor Who fan could love!!! :D
@sexybethizit09 All The Strange Strange Creatures The beggining of it is exactly the same as the beginning of Westminster Bridge from the series 1 soundtrack
somehow, these two songs just blend perfectly.... brilliant. absolutely brilliant. fantastic, even! (wrong doctor, I know, but hey, whatever)
Thanks. I don't quite understand why this particular music edit of mine is so popular, when I have done much bigger and better. xD
@Kaldranxt That drum beat is part of "The Futurekind" on the series 3 soundtrack, I then overlayed it onto the end of ATSSC.
@halo3star0wnag I also thought that :) Sounded like the first few seconds of "Lone Wolf" from Halo: Reach I reckon.
It may only be two songs put on top of each other, correct, however, it is two AWESOME songs on top of each other.
I really like this. I also like the picture and want to use it as my background, can you help me out?
lol.. it's an awesome picture cause it has David Tennant and Elisabeth Sladen in it!!
@doctorwho11 probably because ATSSC is the best bit of music ever written.
so often, the music on this show offers such a sense of urgency.
i love how the music goes from slow and builds up to fast
is the bit right at the end when rose get dragged away.
Was just a rough mix, since I was bored. And thanks.
@sexybethizit09 I wanna know what it is too.
awesomeness awesome picture as well... lol
Awww you drowned out the best bit :(
um its a bit of a raket no offence
How can nobody loves the music
@thecrazygirl2010 Thanks.
sorry didnt like it :(
gives me goose bumps
Nah bit of a racket

Doctor Who Series 3: All the Strange, Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music) (432 Hz)

This is music from DW Series 3 named "All the Strange, Strange Creatures" converted from 440 Hz to 432 Hz. Original Music by Murray Gold for BBC. I am not ...
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