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Chicken schnitzel focaccia Videos

Focaccia col Formaggio.mp4

Just something I quickly threw together using leftover pizza dough. Not pretty, but super delicious. Next time, thinner dough.

Italian Chicken Sandwich

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User Comments

what brand of pan do you used? It look like a Greenpan that that saw comercial on TV today. If it was Greenpan could you please give me your comment about this pan. thanksssss
I don't know why but this vid is slightly creepy.
how the fuck will i ''enjoy'' u bastard
How about letting us embed the videos?
lol im getting hungry! xD
That's not italian!!
i just jizzed!

How to make " Chicken Salad Croissant" with Cooking Guru Chef Ian Kittichai.

How to make " Chicken Salad Croissant" with Cooking Guru Chef Ian Kittichai.
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