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Eric Ripert's Caviar-Blinged Croque Monsieur - Savvy Ep. 17

Eric Ripert shows you how to easily make a fancier take on a grilled cheese sandwich with salmon and caviar. Subscribe: // Watch our new ...

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Who the halfwit that wrote "Slice salmon half an inch thick". Half an inch is more than 1 centimeter and he's doing 1-2 milimeters cuts. That's almost ten times the amount of salmon.
I think it's definitely more then 1 perhaps two, but half a centimeter is thicker than this.
+Kavryel He's trying to say 1 - 2mm but it looks more like he's cutting it 5mm. I know that's still way less than half an inch but... just saying.
I met him in person and he was the biggest piece of shit I have ever met...I guess if he likes you and you're a cocksucker like him then you've got it made......caviar croque monsieur?? give me a break...that's wasting good caviar.!!!
yep fuck you.
+456japan Yep. Bye bye.
yes an honest cocksucker...
+456japan Yep but an honest one.
+Mark H looks like you're a piece of shit too..
No you didn't, what a pointless lie.
Where's the Bechamel?
Croque madame traditionally has an egg on top.
Not always. In southern France, almost every croque monsier you will ever get has bechamel and guyere.
+nickPOPmusic That's Crouqe Madame
+nickPOPmusic And the Gruyere?

John Quilter's food busking with Ariel Pink@ Big Chill 2011

FOODBUSKING: Food is the Music of life! I've soothed Neneh Cherry's sore throat with a peach, rushed on stage with a cup of Oolong tea for Kanye West and ...

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This is sooooo great. He's completely BAFFLED at EVERYTHING. Like it's the first time he sees someone cooking something. I'm pretty sure he's also somewhat stoned.
+Hannah Rose Apparently he wanted to be a chef when he was younger but then The Doldrums got attention so he went with that.
What I love about this vid is that it has this really amusing mixture of awkwardly pretentious and unintentionally funny.
HAHAHAHA, it looks like some kind of a comedy sketch, Ariel's confused expression is priceless. Thanks for this.
Never thought I would hear Ariel Pink talking about "Pasta e fagioli" (...or pasta fazoo)
"do i just gulp it down?" lol "now what chyou feel.." "i get!, I feel much better!"... lol
i know there's the tea seeping and everything, but isn't this really just chicken soup?
This cook really loves what he does. I love what you're doing! Keep the dream goin
I love him ;) but his reactions literally make me burst into laughter
what is up with ariel's face in this video? he looks horrified hahaha
Funny, but I kinda wish you'd just interviewed him...
Ariel's drinking chicken tea ... what a classic!
why is Ariel Pink in MULTIPLE cooking videos....
the amount of confusion on his face ohh gawwwd
wish ariel would taste my fazool
Fazool means nonsense in Urdu.
zola jesus in the background
ARIELLLL! hahaha Awesome.

How to Make Dumplings at Home - Savvy Ep. 20

Joe Ng of Redfarm details the best ways to make dumplings; from pot-stickers to ones shaped like fish! Subscribe: // Check out EATER ...

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What Camera do you guys use ?
you guys are so sick ! Thanks man 5d also makes those frame videos ? Man I want to film like you guys !
+Awesome Eats c100/c300s, 5d for photos upfront

The Mystery Box of Fish

Spago Beverly Hills' chef de cuisine, Tetsu Yahagi, constantly searches for inspiration for the food he serves. Each week he finds it in a box of fish, caught just 48 ...

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Oh man that vodka snow on the sea urchin.
+Isaac Park that's the "Fog"
Looks more like the mystery box from LA harbor or the Horseshoe kelp about 7 miles off the LA coast....Japan my ass that's Local salmon grouper that us local fisherman don't eat because it's loaded with parasites. Crazy how a high end resturant will commit seafood fraud for profit and have the audacity to blatantly post it, not all foodies are just foodies, and not all fisherman are uneducated diners who don't frequent high end cuisine...
+Indulgence nothing worse than seafood fraud. Charging premium prices for sub par seafood is dishonest. I would expect eater la to do some better research.
+Jason Selva You made the same comment over on Eater. Got it all out of your system?

Stuffed Brased Veal Breast Roulade Part 2

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches To Blow Your Mind - Savvy, Ep. 2.1

Savvy's back! And it's gotten a little facelift. We're kicking it off with the really fun women behind Ovenly -- and the best cookie buttercream sandwich. Subscribe: ...

User Comments
Can you post the recipe here - or somewhere where it can be copied and pasted? will not allow us to copy text, and I'm not about to re-type the entire recipe no matter how great it looks.
+Eater Email sent - Thank you!
+Jim Pook Hi Jim! If you email us at, we'll be happy to send you along a copy of this recipe that you are able to copy and paste.
I might be obsessed with this video.
+Renan Lopes Glad to hear that!
How are these vegan? Milk chocolate drops, butter, cream, nutella, peanut butter, honey. Not that I'm vegan, but why say it is?
+Eater excuses... Give us Lucas level honesty...
+heyontv nailed it! the cookie is vegan.
+Nick Matenaar i believe only the cookie itself is vegan... and they used dark chocolate which are considered vegan because they use coco fat and not milk......
F$)k that's delicious I can wait to try.
+Samantha Levinson Be sure to let us know what you think!

per se

A tour of per se's kitchen.

Classic Veal Stock (Part 5)

Cooking with the Blues - Classic Veal Stock.

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thanks, very helpful
I farted

Mashed Potato Tomato Soup with Parmesan Cheese

Creamy and delicious - and only 6 ingredients. Another easy and interesting recipe from the online cooking show, Chow Time at //

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wait, wait one second. I'm a Pakistani, I know what the pottery is you put the soup in, its actually used to transfer water in, not for putting cooked products in it. LOL. In Villages we have them at wells and fill them with water, to drink water from. Never seen them used for cooking before though.
WTHA what the heck, that is potatoes those things you peeled? I thought potatoes were powder form and you added boiling water, and you get mash. Instant tomato soup and instant mash, forget all that peeling and crushing stuff.
like if you're eating mash with tomato soup. I am eating it right now, don't have the parmesan cheese though, don't have the wine either. *sad face*.
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