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Conan Travels - "Conan Explores the Universal Lot" - 7/6/09

Conan Travels - "Conan Explores the Universal Lot" - 7/6/09.

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I cannot for the life of me understand why NBC thought it was a good idea to pass stuff like this over for four more years of Jay fucking Leno.
+Abhishek Uchil I think Conan has a narrower fan base, however I like his humor and Jay Leno doesn't really make me laugh much. Conan is hilarious!
I miss this, it reminds me of Carson, I don't even know what Fallons tonight show is anymore
+TexMexRustlinGirl fallon is not funny. he turned the tonight show into a game show. such a waste..
I think Conan's brand of humor is a cut above Fallon. NBC really did a huge disservice by letting Conan go to TBS.
You can hardly compare the two. Conan is the man and Jimmy's humor is too lowest common denominator for me.
+Lasna34 his were low because leno's ratings were low
+Lasna34 Rating is not eveything bro
Conan's ratings were low.
+marianne90240 Fallon is nothing compared to Conan's comic genius
So sad they took this gig away from him. So much better than Fallon and really paid his dues to get here. Rewatching all Tonight Show clips just make it so much more obvious how horrible this steal from him was. He killed it.
+gajaga789 I think it boils down to bunch of morrons. And Gay leno was on of em :(
+gajaga789 aww im sorry u feel that way. i love all the success and hilarity of both of them. God bless.
+gajaga789 the tonight show died when conan left.
+Adub Htown Jimmy is motherfucking horrible on the Tonight Show. And we still had those two when Conan had the Tonight Show. So, with all due respect, I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
but now we get Jimmy AND Conan. win-win.
+Jane Tris He gets the 12 year olds and the 60 year olds. Colbert, Kimmel and Conan get everyone else.
+Maria L They could put a monkey on NBC at 11:30 and the dumbed down masses would watch it.
+gajaga789 Conan was, by far, the best host they EVER had, they really fucked up. They know that now, Conan is crushing with the money demographic on TBS!
+Orlando Mejia he is the best in business
but the good thing is that he still has a show and he is still funny as fuck
+Rahul Raj Yeah, the laughs are the worst.
+gajaga789 All jimmy fallon has are his fake laughs and stupid games. Conan is a true comic genius and the best talk show host in the business.
+Jane Tris Would be even better if Conan did it though.I would just edit these into my first response but I'm on mobile, so.
+Jane Tris And the Ragtime Gals segment. Friggin' love modern songs barbershop quartet-style.
+Jane TrisI'm also admittedly subscribed to him because I actually like his Drinko game and the thank you notes lol.
+Maria L Fallon participates in the latest Youtube trends, iPhone/app trends and gets a lot of popularity from younger audiences because of them. He also applies the proper amount of political correctness and modern-day sensitivity. Sign of the times I guess.
+Ikjyot Singh KohliHe is so amazes me how he is still hosting that show. there's an interview with him on Conan's show from years ago and you wanna talk about a bad's like fallon is on drugs or something
+Maria L Fallon was in the right place at the right time. People watch him, because they literally like to turn off their brains and watch him play games with his guests, it's not even a talk show.
+Ikjyot Singh Kohli I'm not a fan of Fallon, but is Fallon is so bad, why do they keep airing him? People must be watching no?
+gajaga789 Couldn't agree more. It honestly doesn't make any sense to me...
+gajaga789 Fallon is a clown, even his laughter is not authentic.

Universal Studios Back Lot Tram Tour in California

Universal Studios Back lot Tram Tour 1993 including Jaws, King Kong, The Psycho House and Eathquake.

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thank you for the upload!!

Universal Studios Vlog: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood

Making magic with the interactive wands & drinking Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood! ♥ Watch my Palm Springs Travel Diary: ...

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new sub right here, love this video and ur channel.
+Jem thanks babe
Love the vlog! you guys are so cute :)) btw your hair looks AMAZING. If anyone else has an interest, would you make a video about becoming blonde? I actually am really considering it and I know for asian hair it isn't easy, so if you could make a video on your process, upkeep, how much it costs for you, etc that would be so awesome
haha really?? interesting! well maybe i'll get brave enough and do it myself or just pay you to do it when I move to LA :P
+Victoria Vann Kuja OMG nooooo... salons always take so long
purple?! way cool, I wish I could change up my hair as much as you do :D you bleach your hair yourself?? ah that is nice that you don't have to spend $$ at the salon then, good to know! Honestly, I'm scared to bleach myself so I guess I'll just have to save up for a salon visit :P that was my biggest question anyway about your hair expense bc it always looks so good so I totally thought you were like at the salon every week!
+Victoria Vann Kuja ahhh thanks love! I totally would... But I'm actually not blonde anymore
Lol the dynamic between you and your bf is so cute #relationshipgoalzz
+FashioNica ahh haha thanks babe! we're sooooooo different I think it works
Awee I love it. I get super nervous starting my vlogs too! xoxoxo
+Kristina Wilde haha
That Harry Potter wand is so badass!!! Harry Potter is my life!!! lol :P
+There She Goes Ahhh it was such a cool experience!! And yes I love my wand haha
So coooooool, I loved it! u guys are super funny. cheers from Chile ♡♡
+Catalina Córdova thanks for watching!

Universal Studios Back Lot Tour - Desperate Housewives Set

Universal Studios, Hollywood, Back Lot Tour. Here we are going around the set of Desperate Housewives. They were actually filming that day. Taken on October ...

User Comments
Is it actually outside I thought the set was inside the studio?
I want to see that tour sooo bad!

Shrek and donkey at universal studios 2016

This is our April 2016 trip to universal studios meeting Shrek and donkey. Donkey rips into me to say the least!

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD (DAY 4 PART 2) The Lower Lot, Water World, and the Special Effects Show!

This is the first half of our day at Universal Studios Hollywood! We went down to the Lower Lot for lunch by Jurassic Park, then went to Mummy and Transformers, ...

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its kool next time you guys should go yo knots berry farm

Team Coco Rally at Universal Lot

Conan rally in front of Universal on January 18, 2010.

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@nicotyn dignity to honor his own words! So the real question comes to this: What do you think Johnny Carson would think of this situation? Do you think Johnny Carson would be in favor of Leno's behavior of not living up to his word? Unfortunately, we don't have a way of knowing this. Straight up quote from Conan's 60 minute interview..... Conan sleeps well with his decision to leave. And he hopes that Jay sleeps well with his decision to be a lying scumbag. (I may have paraphrased this.)
@nicotyn The Tonight Show is DEFINITELY NOT Leno's show. It's JOHNNY CARSON'S show. I'm sorry if I am being a bit rude, but I would love for you to PLEASE get your facts straight. Johnny Carson was the original, and was the host of The Tonight Show WAY LONGER than Leno... Maybe his ratings were pretty good for 12 years, but he made a deal in 2004 with NBC that he would retire 5 years from that date. The plan was set very far in advance, and you would think that he would have enough
Team both. To be realistic: Conan is worthy of his own franchise, and not the tonight show. The tonight show is a family program that Leno dominated and was number 1 for 12 years before being fired. Its Leno's show. Coco deserves his own show earlier in the time slot, he appeals to a younger college audience which he would dominate. Go Leno for Tonight Show and team Coco for an earlier slot!
Hey go to the video titled "Give Conan back his characters!" and sign the petition to let Conan keep such genius bits as the horney manatee and Triumph the insult dog....don't forget and the yeaaar 3000. Sign it, people!
I'm not saying that your point isn't valid, but - to be realistic, Jay Leno should've never gotten the tonight show. It was promised to Letterman by Carson... this isn't the first time that Leno has screwed someone over
Awesome! And this was only in one area of the U.S.!! and for only 10 minutes! Could only imagine how amazing it must have been to actually be there! CONAN CONAN CONAN CONAN! LENO SUCK LENO SUCKS LENO SUCKS!!!!!!
There should be another rally - an anti-Tonight Show rally at NBC on March 1 the day Leno's crap show begins.
lmfao @labamba in the popemobile, this just goes to show on the great comedy we will be missing if coco goes.
NBC or who ever was very tacky in how they treated Conan O'Brien.
I'm with Coco! looked so fun, wish i could've been in LA for this
Awesome! Thanks for posting this. I wish I would have been there.
@anticorpration agreed. i wish i lived in l.a.
I definitely wish I could have been there.
LaBamba ladies and gentlemen, LaBamba.
TEAM COCO!!!!!!! don't make conie go.
Leno does suck! Love you Coco
i'm with Coco too !!!
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