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How to play bvr files Videos

DJI Phantom 1.2 Mile Ground Station Flight BVR

Autonomous Flight Beyond Visual Range (BVR) of my DJI Phantom 2 using iPad Ground Station. Full Flight Data Here: ...

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is this the phantom 2, vision or vision+?
Nice videos. I just ordered a vision plus and can't wait to get it. I'm in the skook too. :) Minersville.
I'm waiting for my 2015 Ranger 900 Crew to arrive in 2 weeks.  We will have to get together.
Yea, once I get used to it.  I think I'm going to get a Reading Anthracite permit for riding their land also.  I have a rzr and my plan was to take the drone out away from civilization to get the hang of it.
Great, we'll have to go fly by the Burma in Pottsville where they ride the ATV's (Once it gets nicer)

Falcon BMS: Medium Drag Defense (BVR multi-view)

Pilots: Scuby Date: 14/Dec/'14 Time: x3 Falcon BMS Defense Tactics Series The goal of the DT Series is to demonstrate the F-16 capabilities to employ ...

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Nice Video ! @ 0:18 .. missile tragectory initiated (dictating geometry as defender) for an lead intercept point with over-take in speed and produced initial bleed-off, while draging the missile to a parallel flight path; also gained time (missile out of burner time) = good, but after that keep truning (or slice back into and below it) instead of unloading to make the missile overshoot its own seeker-FOV ability due to its higher speed and lesser radius ability ;) ... 
+CallsignAS appreciated ;)
Gotcha. Just liked it and felt tempted to share some points. At least there is a method to the madness :)
Thank you AS. There's many ways to fight a missle ofcourse. The idea is to show them all and properly at one point. But fighting the missle is only part of the execution, i.e. (re-)position strategy is another. Your proposal will put your a/c hot sooner and at low to same altitude, this is not the intend of this particular video. The intend is to show how multiple parts are blended, in this case a flat drag, will provide opening of the engegement range to allow escape or attack options from optimum multi dimensional position. Such descision could depend on your SA of the spacial freedom in the threat environment and/or the imaginary line you intend to defend.

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How To Convert AVI To DVD

//waysandhow.com FACEBOOK: //www.facebook.com/waysandhow TWITTER: //twitter.com/waysandhow In dealing with video formats for example, ...

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Downloader beware. Many of these comments do not appear genuine. Before downloading Free Software, research whether or not it's Malware first. It takes a significant effort to create, market, and support, "Free" apps, & they have to generate revenue somehow.
This video was CUSTOM TAILORED to meeting my needs ...couldn't have asked for more. Thank you.
When you were saying wat dvd formats it supports i literally slept.
thank you so much saved me from banging my head against the wall lol
i like, subs, and favorite THIS VIDEO IS PERFECT!!! thanks a lot
Great video, once again! :-)
Very very good, thanks a lot
is this a fast burner?
Cool tech report!

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B52DqRcj-qGHaEJUM3pTOG85R1E/edit?pli=1 https://sites.google.com/site/keinexhibitionismus1 ...
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