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High protein diet for epilepsy dog Videos

Cory's Story- How To Cure Dogs Seizures Without Drugs!

//www.canineangel.co.uk/Book-Store-Canine-Angel.htm Nikki Brown The UK Dog Whisperer from Canine Angel, talks about why every dog owner will want ...

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One lady says she fed her dog aloe vera in their food and her dog stopped having seizures just look it up on youtube!
She's stupid.

Top 10 Holiday Pet Hazards - Petco

The holidays are an exciting and busy time for families, but festive traditions can lead to accidents or illness for your pet. Prepare a safe environment for your dog ...

Gia Labrador Puppy - Atypical Seizure Episode of what I believe is Paroxismal Diskinesia

This is my Labrador Dog Gia when she was 2 months old. She started having what I would call "cramping episodes" mainly in her back legs, but as you see on ...

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My 6yr cocker does this, his back legs look stuck he cant get them under his body & he shakes but he continues to try to get his legs under him. We thought he injured his back at first but they only last for 1-3 min and then he gets up and runs around like nothing happened. He also has been acting strange sometimes he will be laying in our bed barking when I get to the room he jumps down and darts out of the room. Its like he is afraid. After he runs out of the room hes fine. Any insights?
All these seizure vids on yt are so painful to watch....... my 5 1/2 yrs lab who hadn't had a single fit in 6 months had 4 in a row last night, was really terrible to experience it, it was nothing like i'd ever seen before... his temp shot up to 106 F despite the cold packs & he was given calmpose,ketamin & gardenal injections... didn't work... he finally had one last attack before departing 6 hours back :-( Am like so heartbroken now :-( Worst part is u can do nothing bout it.
I hope your dog is doing much better. Please take him/her to the vet so they can find out what may be the cause. I hope it's nothing serious and that your puppy will outgrow it.
Thank you very much for your video and your explanation, it has been very useful to find out what our Golden Retriever has been experiencing for the last 3 months!!
Thank you for this video and your information. It has cleared up a few things for me.
Research Spike's Disease and see how it compares.
:( so poor

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Service Dogs trust Eukanuba

Watch Assistant Dogs help disabled people be independent. Canine Companions for Indipendence trust Eukanuba for the nutrition of their working dogs.

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YAY CCI!!!!!!!!!!!! i raised a puppy with my parents for cci in 07 and 08 and now shes helping an AWESOME 11 year old in a wheel chair. they are the best pair i could ever imagine! cant wait to raise another one!!!!
This video really gets the message out to people about how important it is to take care of your pet from the very start. Assistant dogs do very important work and need to be healthy.
The videos show the length pet owners will go to provide the best nutrition and healthy ingredients for there pet. The video are well done!
@VeraWithPets I also have an anxiety disorder, and am currently trying to figure out how to train my Border Collie to be my service dog.
I would vote for this video for Eukanuba. Great food. Great program with Canine Companions for Indepedence.
we have a service dog, my hubby i blind and he trained his dog all by himself, these dogs are wonderful!
really comes to the point in the care of your pet. its was really well done.
the dog increases her mobility while Nintendo DS stimulates her mind
This would be pretty cute if Eukanuba's ingredients weren't fail.
Good video, but I liked the 1st one better
Very well done and informative.

Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Tell if Your Dog Has Eaten Rat Poison

Learn how to tell if your dog has eaten rat poison and get tips on what to do in this free emergency pet health care video. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr.

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What about if the dog had fresh red blood in their stools, and this has now reduced significantly - his gums are healthy and he's still eating and drinking, just a little lethargic? I have no rat poisoning in yard, took him to the vet yesterday & he was checked and put on ABs. I was in the yard today and noticed in the garden, a small thin slather of blue stuff with white underneat - I immediately thought bait. My older dog now has blood in her stools as well????????
@RealCheckeredHeart when ur dog comes home, make sure you give it salt (put it right in the back of his tounge) and after about a hour, it will throw up. if u see no blueish greenish puke then your dog doesnt have any rat poison. if it does, then try again and if its still there, i suggest you keep trying or take it to the vet again.
you say in the video they bleed, my daisy had no bleeding at all, just a big vilent sezeing, is vilent sezeing any part of syimptem to eating rat poison? I know she never had any bleeding because she was with me every were i go, I am thinkking someone gave it to her being I can not find anything as to what was wrong......
My dog started peeing heaps of blood today. Then it was dripping out on the floor at the vets. He is in the vet hospital overnight being treated for rat poison. I hope it is not. I hope my boy is okay. They said he wasn't bleeding anywhere else but they still think thats what it is. Where could he have gotten it from???
yeah my new puppy ate rat poison, i dont know how it got to it, im pretty sure behind the fridge is to small for a dog to get in there but some how he did so i went to the vet got some vitaman k and now he should be alright i hope. Dam jack russles they can do anything.
i use glue traps and never gotten a single rat but when i get one i will spray thinner on it and burn it. i just bought a powerful poison that kill them in about five minutes after eating it. it's great, this mourning i found 7 dead rats from last night. nice
Do the dogs gums go yellow? My dog has gone to the vets and I'm so upset, they said it may be rat poison, but it was in the wall cavity, so I have no idea how she could have got it. Please answer this question for me, I need to tell the vet ASAP. Thanks xx
my dog vomits blood with a yellowish liquid on it and he has not eaten for 2 days now only liquid.. i know i will take him to the vet 2morow.. but what could it be???
I will never use a glue trap on ANY rodent. That is cruel, and certainly unecessary when there are simple HUMANE cage-traps to use...
how much rat poison would a 60lbs doog have to eat, in order to have a problem, the blur pellet stuff, just a few peaces or more?
most likely, parvo. One of my friends dog that I was taking care of it had the same symptoms and died of it.
My dog hasten eaten her food and she cant keep anything down also she threw up just regular clear liqid
My dog is relly sad and I don't no why I try to play with him and dose not what to can you help plz
@glam0urGirl209 dude i fell so sorry i think my dog ate some and hes dying im so depresed
Thank you so much for making this video! My dog Jean-Luc just got into our rat poison:(
I agree with you CloverKitty.. Thats definitely cruel.
Wow go to the vet for fucks sake
My neighbors poisoned my dog :(
How is your dog doing?
@skatelover619 :-o

Snail Bait /Metaldehyde Poisoning in Dogs

Snails eat up gardens each spring and gardeners protect their flowers and vegetables with snail baiit. Snail Bait with metaldehyde is toxic to pets. Dogs often eat ...

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**I' know this goes about snail bait :P.. but I "cured" my dogs paraphimosis today with some lubricant and my boyfriend calming him down.... :D :D.. should I be worried about the paraphimosis? It's the second time and I don't want to castrate him. The first time wasn't while I was around and it turned out very expencive. I am a nurse by the way. This time I called the vet and talked to her. She told me to use vaseline, didn't work, so I found info on lubricant. I cleaned him up afterwards.
And what about if they get attacked by killer bees? Three months ago, my chihuahua who was barely going to turn two years old, got attacked by like 50 to 100 killer bees and sadly since it happened on a Sunday, the vet was closed and she died 8 hours later. Was there anything I could of given her so she would of survived? She vomitted some bees out.
hi Dr. Greg . how do u do what the replacement drug to morphine and is the morphine play as anti poisoning drug in this case. today , i received a dog suffering from complicated case of poising. he is sufering from excitement, involuntary movement i give him atropine sulfate and dexamethasone injection . is that the correct way treatment please.
a friend of mine keeps a small bottle of water which he has trained his dog to readily drink from and he keeps an identical bottle full of the right amount of peroxide to give the dog when it eats something it shouldnt. has come in handy a couple of times mainly when the dog eats chocolate.
hi Dr. Greg . today i go to the vet clinic . they told me that the dog is dead . he received a treatment before one day that he came to me. i asked the owner if the vet make vomiting to the dog he told me no . the Valium not found as vet product but found as human product .
Try the beer trap for snails; they seem to drown themselves in it, and it's completely harmless to pets should they drink it. Of course, if your pet is an alcoholic, that's gonna be a problem, but somehow I think that it won't be an issue.
apomorphine makes them vomit, then I give them valium or even phenobarbital for the twitching if severe. Most however do fine as long as they receive supportive care like IV or subcutaneous fluids and steroids. How did the patient do?
Only over the counter treatment would be benadryl 25 mg and pred 5mg if someone had it available. With many stings, IV's treatment may have been necessary to give her a chance
Lubricants will help the penis stay where it belongs. if it get stuck outside repeatedly then surgery on the sheath or penis may help
@dehbee Only pelleted oral toxins like snail bait with metaldehyde , d-con mouse poison, human medication, and baking chocolate.
Some dogs just eat too much poison to survive. Some need to have their stomach pumped and even then will not survive. Sorry!
@17animallove I think it is a lab/ basset cross: Its front legs are curved like a basset and it's head looks like a lab
Wow, that first dog was very skinny. Great video, though.....I love that you're honest and informative! :) Keep it up!
@peachy6969 Better to use a couple tablespoons of peroxide. Too much salt may be bad for sick dogs
I've heard that a tablespoon or 2 of table salt can induce vomiting in dogs too. Is that true?
my dog passed away from ingesting snail bait :( if only i knew what I know now.
As long as dogs are treated before symptoms are too severe, most dogs are fine
Glad the video helped. Hope your dog comes through OK!
@isabella8885 Thanks for watching. U r welcome
are there permanent damages to the dog?
Great idea!
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