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Cosmetology schools decatur il Videos

Mr. John's School of Cosmetology, Esthetics & Nails

Mr. John's School of Cosmetology, Esthetics & Nails Serving Central Illinois for over 50 years. New classes every 5 weeks. Call today to begin your career in ...


My very first video shot at the Mr. John's School of Cosmetology in Decatur, Il. I am demonstrating the WAHL CHROMSTYLE clipper. My video making skills need ...

Black Beauty: Just 50 Challenger X-Edition Tractors Available

There are only 50 of the new Challenger X-Edition packages available on the Challenger MT 700 and 800 tractors. RealAgriculture got a first-hand look when ...

1924 Essex Raceabout Presidential Coupe Vintage Antique in Decatur, IL

Paramount and Definitive, without question this fine automobile needs no Introduction Highly personalized, sophisticated, the quintessential definition of fine ...

Salt n Pepa "I'll Take Your Man"

A dope old school jam from salt n pepa, "i'll take your man"

User Comments

'' *Get out my face before I smack you Hoe* "...!!! They snapped!!! This the shit!!
+jadabyrd Then you must know your music!! Love good music!
Lol!!! I see you on almost every video I watch!!!
These are some weak mcs what about roxanne shante
What do you mean weak Mcs?
Im 21 so im from the Nicki and Iggy era. However i have a strong appreciation for this kinda rap. At least they rap whats relatable and not just about money or 'haters', i can actually make out what they're saying, these rhymes actually flow. My generation just dont know lol
+Renza BossDaddy so how u gon tell me how old i am? didn't know being 21 means u have no knowledge whatsoever of the past.
+Danielle S 21 child you more like foxy and Kim and Trina era......stop trying to hang on to that youth.
The under 40 crowd has NO IDEA what it was like when THIS is what hip-hop was like . No sellouts yet. No corporations in the picture. None of that shit - I say NONE of it. Just a buckwild new never-seen-before underground black culture totally, completely and utterly left to its own devices with absolutely NO RESPECT FOR or CONNECTION TO its "betters." "If Moms wants static I'll diss her too." You're goddamn right!!
I'm 36 and I grew up listening to this music. SnP is my favorite female rap artist. I ran my dad's telephone bill up to 1000 calling their fan hotline when I was 6th grade! LOL he was pissed but relieved that I wasn't calling nasty 900 numbers. Those were the days :)

The Scruggs Sisters at Hope academy talent show

Nymiri,Ny'Vaya and Nyasia Scruggs performing at Hope Academy School talent show..Decatur,il.
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