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Abs Workout For Valentine's Day - Diet.com Video

//www.diet.com/videos/ Tone up your abs with this abs workout video for Valentine's Day! This video features Mike D'Angelo, creator of Body Evolver and ...

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when i tried to do the exercise with the yoga block, my hips would click every time i lowered my legs. i'm only 21, slightly overweight. is this normal if i haven't worked out in awhile? or is this a bad sign of future hip fractures?
i have to much belly fat it is mi bigest problem what can i do to loost weight and the belly fat help me please......your are beautiful nice i like your videos....byee
Sarah, I just joined 24 hour fitness over the weekend and I've worked out for 2 hours and 30 minutes in the past 3 days. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!
the shoes are kind of weird but this guy is very good. he explains everything very simply without using technical terms, and he looks like he actually works out.
Damn Sara, your ass is off the chain! What are good exercises aside from squats to get a nice butt? I'm not good at doing dead lifts either.
I have trouble taking a man seriously who wears shoes with individual toes. Maybe it is just me? Thanks for sharing the clip though.
@SMARTERTeamTraining the shoes hes wearing r the five finger shoes they help u run better my dad has three pairs of those shoes
Why are these always 'exercise for [random event here]?" I say you need to change your lifestyle for the rest of your life.
@SMARTERTeamTraining Mike is one of the best trainers I've met. He knows his stuff. I didn't even notice his shoes. Sophia
@clearliquid haha, his shoes are weird but he funky socks on so we opted for the funny shoes, they are called Vibrams
@jaedine2315 Try not lowering your legs as far down. I (Sarah from above) Get the same click in my right hip!
@clearliquid there called the five finger shoes my dad has three pairs of them the shoes are made by vibram
What a great ab workout! Got to be careful not to strain your neck too much though :) TheAbStand*net
Another great video!! will be for sure trying this workout at home or at the gym.. Thanks guys..
no offense but if you're so healthy and work out so much why aren't you like stick thin?
i love your videos..i feel like i have to tell you all the times cus theyre amazing
youre incredibly fit...and i like that guy, very nice and friendly approach
I like the videos you do with Mike. You guys have a fun chemistry!
When I win the lottery I will hire you for my personal trainer :)
is it ok to do this workout if i have lower back pain??
Wow Sarah is getting ripped. Way to go Sarah!

Medicine Ball Abs Exercise

Stephen trains Sarah to get sculpted abs with this medicine ball exercise. //www.diet.com/videos/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel ...

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yeah she is definitely beautiful in terms of the female form. I think she's a great example because her body is tight, firm and fit, but she isn't the stereotypical media stick thin skinny. She gives people inspiration because her type of body is attainable with a healthy lifestyle. Sarah is hott :)
Great question! You want to exhale while you're exerting the most energy, so with this move, you'll want to exhale as you twist the ball to the center and as you're pressing upward. That will mean inhaling as you twist to the side, and inhaling before you press up. Hope that helps!
I'm really glad that diethealth decided to use the disclaimer on Sarah's photo from here on out. (Although, Sarah is perfectly fine and fit without the photoshop!) Thank you for all of the encouragement, Sarah!
notice how she isnt SKINNY ? shes got fat and i can see a lot of folds. Sarah is BUILT LIKE A WOMAN. If you can get muscular, fine...but that's what MOST women are supposed to look like. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!
erm i think u need to start wrking out harder...lady!!!!!..no point in telling ppl what to do...when u cant do it urself!!... maximum respect for the workout vid and also the tips!!
Wow.. she makes it look so easy! And to all the guys, is it totally necessary to make filth comments on a diet channel. Just saying.. there's a time and a place, this isn't it! :)
If you do just use one dumbell, hold it with both hands like you would the medicine ball. Holding it with both hands keeps you in proper form. Or use a 5lb plate.
Make your own ball. they are easy to make. a bag of sand a cheap 1$ ball of whatever size you prefer and a roll of duct tape and you have your ball.
Look forward the whole time? Really? That's a biomechanical fauxpax. Not a good idea at all. She was doing it right to begin with.
It's more important to spend time on higher calorie burning exercises so that you can burn off enough fat to see abs.
...why are the highest rated comments so perverted? I think they're sweating in the WRONG place for this exercise...
Sarah is a very nice girl and you feel that you know her like a friend. She has got a cute voice too.
When you ad lots of movements to one exercise, what's the breathing technique you're using?
For an amazing strengh and condition video type in "MIKE SAFFAIE" in the search bar
good vid. I am able to finally watch them again, but the audio is a little delayed.
Ya, it seems to only be the HD that is delayed. At least I am able to view it, lol
Admit it everyone we aint here to watch the exercise you know what am saying?
Would I be able to do this exercise naked? Would that be more effective?
That is so weird - when not in HD, I don't think it's delayed ...
you would pay the guy 500 dollars to fuck you in the butthole?
@vivalajon That is disgusting you pervert. I'd use honey ;-)

4 On the Floor - QUICK ABS WORKOUT

Four bodyweight movements you can do at home that will help to strengthen and stabilize your abs and core. Abs exercises like this can help you tighten your ...

Boxer 6-Pack Abs Workout

Ever wonder how boxers get such amazing abs? Start working towards your own 6-pack abs with this amazing total core workout. These 3 exercises will target ...

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We'll have a brand new workout video for you all in just a few hours! In the meantime, make sure you check out your Boxer's 6-Pack Abs Workout with +Stephen Cabral and +Naomi Rotstein.
She got nice legs I know he love his JOB?

Exercise and Fitness Video: Pilates Abs

A free online exercise and fitness pilates total abs workout video you can do in under five minutes! //www.diet.com/videos/ Subscribe to our YouTube ...

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Losing and gaining any weight that fast isn't healthy at all. The best way to lose weight is when it's done in a slow steady pace that way your body can adjust itself better and that's where you really lose the weight and keep it off. I'm not saying it's impossible, because I've lost 10 pounds in a week, but it depends on ones body. I've found out by allowing the body to adjust the weight stays off longer. I've been a size 8 for about yr and 1/2. Good luck on your goal.
well, its nearly impossible to loose that much weight that fast!! And even if you did, it would come back just as quick as it came off. I reccomend just eating a bit less, and eating healthier. maybe try eating organic foods more. Also, sit ups, or any other workout is good. you can loose the weight in about 2.5 months if you were loosing 2 lbs. a week. [thats somewhat hard to do.] message me for anything else :D
It was very difficult to do, but I think with time one can be as good as you. I've been trying to look for a way to flatten my stomach. You see I've lost 7 inches around my hips and butt area, and 3 inches around my chest as well as 2 inches around my upper arms, but my stomach is still the same. I think by adding this to my hour routine might do the trick.
I started a Pilates class 2 weeks ago and have had 3 sessions. I felt everything better next day after first session. I walk taller, better posture and have actually lost half a stone in weight so far and trimmed two inches from my wist. im a 32" now. The only guy in the class, my pals laughed at me. Now they are facinated by Pilates. Its fantastic!
hi ..umm well ussually if your neck hurts more then anything eles or your ab area then its because your ussing the wieght of your head to help you out or you might be benging your neck more to help you up..if you want another way to do situps focuss on your stomic or put on music so that your not focussed on the pressure
@YANET213 This will help tone the muscles, but by itself, I don't think there will be any weight loss. You have to loose the weight with other exercises as well, cardio, diet, etc, whatever works. Your six pack is already there, it's just waiting to pop out when the weight goes down.
whenever I do situps and other ab workouts when I am laying down, my neck hurts more than anything else. am I doing something incorrectly or is it normal? but thanks that is the most my abs have ever burned in that short amount of time. this is great!
it's true that you shouldn't do it if you have a bad back, the question is, what is the problem : osteoporosis, and disc problems should avois it but scoliosis, it's not bad for it (unless you feel back pain while doing it).
Agreed, and (for those who want more elasticity, and not muscle) this works really well for people, like myself, who want to loose the bulk, but not add too much muscle and elasticity. Thank you so much for posting these.
i've heard good things about hoodia, but like gastric bypass it supresses/controls hunger and it's made for people who eat too much. if you aren't an overeater and still have trouble losing weight u have to exercise.
@WapakRedskins thats because u r using ur neck while u do situps, u should keep ur neck straight looking to the ceiling, dont press ur neck to ur sternon while u exercise.
@rafalweb thank you for answering. I did it foe a couple of months and I just got tone and I was discourage by not loosing the weight. Now I walk/run, but is going slow...
are pilates for women? im a man but i have a feminine physique, so is it okay for me to do pilates? im totally straight and everything, if that changes anything.
The day after trying this i find my tail bone is agonizingly painful, i used a mat but it might not of been enough. Any ideas on why this has happened?
that was very fun, simple, but i could feel myself straining at the same time!! thanx so much for posting and please countinue to do so! thanx again!
This is awesome, thanks, i excerise and hour and a half a day. Running and everything, i never tried this before, IM GOING TO TRY IT RIGHT NOW!
Why exercises are always changing fashion????????? Ginastic, aerobic, run, now is walk to preserve articulations, and now the pilates.
-nightmare101jones Yes it is a good sign because that means that you are burning the fat away... hope this helped :D -PaddyWinkles2009
I was drinking a chocolate milk when I read this and I started crying of laughter, almost bursting all over my lcd monitor.
It will be nice to get some variety in my workout. I like the variation of rolling back like a ball. Thanks for the tips.
Yes because situps are so good for old people to do... Unless you're a professional don't criticize other workouts

1 Minute Ab Workout

This 1-minute ab workout routine can be done at home. //www.diet.com/videos/ Stephen Cabral knows how to trim, tone and tighten your core to give you flat ...

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Oh god my abs are hurting.
You gotta do planks, scissor kicks, iron crosses, leg lifts, and side planks to get six pack abs.
I agree

How To Get Abs Coach - 100% FREE How To Get Abs Coaching Newsletter

//howtogetabscoach.com SIGN UP for the How to Get Abs Coach Newsletter 100% FREE and turbo charge your abs development. You'll learn some killer ...

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Hey guys. Amazing clip. My brother was formerly overweight. He went from 293 lbs of fat to 212lbs of purely natural lean muscle. I realized I was shocked. I just subscribed personally as I'm working to get stronger muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...
yeah. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. And Do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don't know about them you must see this. get to know here -> bit.ly/13x31HT?=gtvfi
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Tone Your Abs & Back with One Sizzling Exercise!

Add this ab and oblique exercise to the end of a superset or at the end of your workout. As a bonus, this exercise will also strengthen your back and shoulders ...

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Core exercise! #ab #core #abs #workout #fitness #exercise 
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