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21 weeks pregnant mri Videos

Hydrops Baby moving in belly 21 weeks 4 days

Don't mind all the needle holes...On July 22, 2013 my baby girl was diagnosed with non immune hydrops (fluid in her lungs). On July 24, 2013 it was confirmed ...

Re: Week 21 -Going through Puberty

Clips from my videos showing how my voice and appearance have changed on my first bottle of testosterone.

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Seth, It is gratifying to see how masculine you look, and your behavior is very masculine as well. It isn't as if you are 'playing a part', you really look, sound and behave like the man you are inside. Nice going! I am very impressed. I hope the asidic sensations are handeld and that you don't have any lasting difficulties between you and your wife. Relationships are fragile enough, and you and Christine have enough to put up with, you don't need more. Best of luck.
I thought I was having a flashback. My old man memory went into overdrive trying to figure out where it was I saw the first clip before I knew what was going on in the video. Anyway, I'm glad to see such huge changes in you. Great idea. I liked hearing your voice change. During the second bottle what changes are you expected to go through?
My voice may go a little deeper, but it should even out. Maybe I'll be able to sport a little more facial hair, but I honestly think it will take me a couple of years on T to get any decent beard to show off.
What do you mean 'old man' memory? You are only a year older than I am! I turn 37 in November. You are far from being an old man! lol
Time flies when you are having fun, no? You look and sound great. Like the idea behind this video too.
i went through puberty after i lost my virginity at 10 years ol hahahahaha wait im 18 know hahahaha.
hey everyone....hey everyone...hey everyone.... sounds funny^^... good luck on your way
Wow...so many changes! You look and sound absolutely awesome! Take care. -Jamie
Really amazing! You've changed alot ever since you started T but it's awesome.
lol i wuz sleeping and i had a wet dream but i dont hear my voice different ?
WOW the fist clip b4 i knew what was going on i thought ur vice cracked!
woah, pipe the fuck down Toby Turner, who do you think you are.
hey dude. that was awesome! thanks for sharing!
wow, you went from boi to man in two minutes!
how old were u when u started transitioning?
What's the point of this? I'm cunfuzzled.
Don't show your face on youtub ever again
@legomaster411 i feel your pain man o3o;

Fetal MRI Showcase

This short clip shows some visuals on several research image analysis methods applied to volumetric fetal MRI data. These include, motion correction on ...

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Fetuses have a palpable heartbeat at about 20 days after conception. This should prove beyond doubt that neurological development of the brain has already begun well before the 19th day. No human heart will pump blood unless there is a signal to beat originating from the brain of that organism.

MRI fetal imaging of brain and spine

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