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PALEO HEALTH SUMMIT 2012. Durianrider gives his wrap up take home message.

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@BergApan No it was just Bananas alone back in 2009 i will never forget that caused my condition. Also please dot take any offense to what i or anybody else says its just opinions people post here so don't take it personally if i say something that might offend you i just post my opinions that's all if your a Vegan fine i respect that i know people who eat what ever they want and are healthy and super thin. So please stop don't mad at me for posting info that conflicts with your beliefs. Thanks.
(cont.) obviously durng that time, people ate a lot of food from animal sources and they didn't die prematurally from heart disease or diabetes or any of the other horrible diseases we suffer today. Why do you think that the current up and generation of kids is exepected to the first generation of children who will not out live their parents? That didn't happen because of steak, cheese, and milk ( which has been aound FOREVER), it happened by somethings that haven't been around that long like..
wow! you have know idea what your talking about, Atkins died by slipping on ice, he hit is head, whats that got to do with paleo? or low carb,? also paleo is not bacon eggs sausages for breakfast WTF??? your an ignorant retard, sean croxton doesn't drink beer regularly, he can have one now and then, why shouldn't he? why are you resorting to personal attacks with these childish pictures? we evolved eating meat you have the mental capacity to upload this video because our ancestors eat meat FACT.
(cont.) High fructose corn syrup and all of the crap food many of the food manufacturing make and sell us, the people! Our bodies have been used as human garbage cans by people who don't give a care about us! And you're gonna post a picture of an obese man who has a beer belly and blame it on paleo???!!! First, do your research about paleo; I know you'll be pleasantly suprised that it's not a "all you can eat meat" diet, it's a WHOLE lot more than that. And also, do some research about nutrition
Healthy fat is not something to be afraid of. Avacados, coconut oil, cold pressed olive oil. These things are beneficial to your health. I agree with you on a lot of things but sometimes you go off the deep end. Fats are necessary. There's a reason why your skin looks like shit and your hair falls out when you stop eating it. Take a look at 80/10/10'ers and take a look at someone who eats Paleo and does something like crossfit. Tell me who looks healthier. Don't be afraid of fats. That's some r
How does a group of foods our ancestors ate for thousands of years all of a sudden and out the blue start causing new problems? A lot of the our physical and health problems that we have today are very recent and new; they aren't problems and conditions our ancestors had yet they ate plenty of animals and, along with that, animal fat. Think about it, during the ice ages, which was a major part of a human history and a long one at that, people had to eat anilmals! There were no crops; just think
people want to hear good things about their bad habits, the Muppet's giving all this false information is getting payed/threaten/bribed by the parasites behind this manipulated agenda to keep us all dumbed down, fat, sick and unable to critically think for ourselves, its pretty obvious once you get outside the box we've been manipulated in and see parts of whats really going on, then you look at the so called leaders of this and other country's you ask yourself if i was in their place....
Your saying we "evolved' eating meat but reality is, our ancestors were concerned with survival, not because it was health related. Our ancestors didn't have the slightest clue as to the anatomy of the human body, nor the functions of any organ. The concept was to stay alive, even if it came at the price of long term health problems. However now days, we do know what goes on in the body to some extent, and meat is detrimental to the cardiac systems of the body. This should be obvious by now.
@BergApan Dietary Cholesterol has very little to do with blood Cholesterol. Also Saturated Fat Elevates LDL which is a protein not cholesterol. The idea that LDL is a risk factor is outdated science as there as been more science since then We now know that its not the total # of LDL but the size and density. The smaller the particle the more dangerous it is and small dense VLDL comes from excess sugars and carbohydrates not fat. VLDL are the more atherogenic ones. LDL is virtually harmless.
I've traveled all around India from Kolkata to Ahmadebad to Nagpur down to Chennai. And I could see one universal fact that Harley pointed out: The Indians who did have big bellies and lots of body fat were the higher caste wealthier Indians who feasted on animal foods and ghee The rural Indians who ate lentils,rice,veg curries,fruit and chapati were ALWAYS lean,trim and very active. NO EXCEPTIONS. They would carry 50kg sacks of sticks and lentils or rice on their back with little effort.
On the cholesterol being bad yadda yadda yadda...You're wrong. from the cholesterol you take in from food you only absorb 6%..so even if you take in 100mg of cholesterol from foods your body will only utilise 6% of it. The main source of cholesterol comes from your own liver that makes it from saturated fat and the more saturated fat you eat the more cholesterol the liver produces. So high cholesterol foods aren't that bad, high saturated fat foods are. ie cheese and fat meat and shit
Problem with what you are saying , is that you look terrible. Your diet isnt working out too great for you. You look way older than 35. Plus you dont seem to be educated on the subject, eating a high fat high carb diet is HORRIBLE. Paleo is low carb. I dont even know what to think about diets, Im just experimenting. I did low carb for three weeks now, went down two pant sizes. Now Im gonna try a more vegetarian low fat kind, see what happens. Too much conflicting studies and advice.
"The habitual diets of Indians contain a number of factors that are known to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease [3], including low fat intake (except in urban high-income and affluent groups, whose fat intake may exceed 30 en %), provision of essential fatty acids by invisible fat, high fibre, and provision of more than 60% of total energy intake by complex carbohydrates [19, 20]. Indian diets are also rich in spices and condiments, which may have antioxidant properties."

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Why would anyone want to read the 80/10/10 diet? That book has no science to back up any claims. I'd recommend Becoming Raw instead...
Hahaha have a good lough No wonder he's fat I actually didn't think you could be that dumb 
I trust Dr. Lustig. 

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