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Vassar college visit Videos

Follow Me Around College Visits Day 4

Sorry this is sort of (okay really) late. But hey, at least it made it up. AND JUST IN TIME FOR THE START OF MY NEW COLLEGE SERIES! Yes. that's right.

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Hi! Youtuber from Dartmouth here! Just wanted to wish you best of luck on college applications. I'm sad you didn't go on Dartmouth's tour :( Its unique undergraduate focus, D-plan, and extremely tight-knit community make it very different from the other Ivies. And the things mentioned in the Rolling Stones article? That stuff happens at every college, just a heads up. Anyway, I subbed to your channel :)
Dartmouth is a brilliant school. One of my good friends attends and will be a sophomore next year and he told me that all of the drama over the Dartmouth greek system is highly exaggerated. Don't brush off a school just because of the image the public chooses to portray it as! Just give it a chance:)
That's so cool that you came to visit Brown! I'm from RI, and when I saw all those pictures, I got so excited! I totally concur with your thoughts on the Dunkin Donuts we have here. They are EVERYWHERE and I think people here just got used to their not-so-wonderful coffee.
while it's very true it's academics are highly rated, I also want a school with a good community. I would suggest you look up the article published about Dartmouth's greek systems, because a lot of the stuff going on within them is not only disgusting but illegal.
Hi Anna since you are doing these follow me around college visits I was wondering if maybe you could do a video on what to wear to college interviews. You could just talk to us about what you think would be appropriate for those interviews. Thanks :)
Hey I think you always look your best even when you don't even try! Thanks so much for finally putting up a video! Yay! :D Your videos are the BEST ever! :D peace
So many cherry blossoms trees! I want some, but too bad South Texas won't hold those... :( Gorgeous college!
Im surprised you heard some bad stuff about Dartmouth. It is one of the highest rated ivy league schools.
your trip seemed like lots of fun... it was in the winter right? well goood luck with ur selection :)
Good luck in your college selection. Nice thing is you should do well at wherever you land.
krispy kream ISTHEBEST! I don't know about coffee but their donuts are amaaaazing!
come here in Canada during winter, you'll see what snow looks like... haha :P
ducking donuts rocks u don't know how to eat if u don't like dd
iona and marist are only 45 minutes away from me!!
where did you get your shirt from?
Brown looks amazing. Good luck!
i love your videos so much!!!
What is your current GPA?

vassar college trip

this is were me and my family went to take my casinos to there college the ride too 6 hours 2 and half to go and same comeing back i hope you like the video.

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og those places are awesome i would like to see them these places are good for clicking photographs
+Himanshu Sinha yeah i know right so many places even better know that it's fall but i went there to drop of some of my cu-son things that were they are right know the whole family went there i don't post much things unless we go some were so if u like this then thanks hug u to

Where Does Vassar College Go For All Things IT?

Visit Our College Center Service Desk!

love conquers all. WBC at Vassar College.

WBC visits Vassar College. Songs He Got Game by Public Enemy Down by the Water by The Drums ^Don't own any of the rights to that shyte. February 28 ...

How not to sit in a hoop skirt (first try)

Students visit the Vassar College Costume Collection for "Trying on History" and try to sit in their hoopskirts.

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Ridiculous! What woman would hike her skirt up to envelope a stool or chair....NONE! A woman wouldn't do that now nor would they then. Think about it people....would you hike up your skirt to sit on a bar stool. God I HATE inaccuracy and anachronisms pertaining to history.
Wow is all I could say I wish I could sit down in mine but I'll think I'll try that
thats cute.....I have tried but....doesn't work.
That's one way to do it. XD
Very graceful indeed. XD
Very cute.

How to Sit in a Hoopskirt (second try)

Students visit the Vassar College Costume Collection for "Trying on History" and succeed in sitting in their hoopskirts.

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So, how do you go to the bathroom? Really don't mean to be uncouth, but we're all human underneath clothes.
Are you one of the girls in the video? Anyway, cool dresses. Girl in black is cute.
I know the problem, to sit down....
Its cute when you sit in it.
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