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Vassar college facts Videos

Constitution Facts Pocket Constitution Books

Constitution Facts Pocket Constitution Books.

Park School of Baltimore Top # 6 Facts

Park School of Baltimore Top # 6 Facts.

Brian Gilloran's first goal against Vassar

Brian Gilloran '13 scored both of St. Lawrence's goals in a 2-0 victory over Vassar College on Sept. 28, 2012.

Maybe This Time - Vassar BAM

Maybe This Time, from "Cabaret" Arrangement: Heather Kobayashi '13 Soloist: Melanie Harrison '14 Vassar College's BAM: Broadway and More A Cappella ...

US facts on Haiti

Run Freedom, Run - Vassar BAM

Vassar College's BAM: Broadway and More A Cappella May 2011 Run Freedom, Run, from "Urinetown" Arrangement: Sarah Goodell '11 Soloist: Reeve ...

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@freshair22 I TOTALLY DO WORK. I WORKED ALL DAY TODAY. I worked at a TRAINING in Minneapolis. I was very impressive and full of social justice and organizing. You'd have been really impressed. It was a very Broadway experience. Ask me about it sometime :)
dude, this one is GREAT. also, as is necessary on youtube... ...FIRST!!!!!111!!!!!oneone!!11!
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