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London olympics ad song Videos

Liberty Mutual Insurance "Humans" Commercial (London Olympics 2012 Ad)

One of the funnier commercials to air during the American coverage of the London 2012 Olympics. Narrated by actor Paul Giamatti. The song is "Human" by The ...

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Who runs a blender with the top off?
They are out there living just like you and me
I'm only human - the human league

LuxuryTickers.com Unveils Omega Watches London 2012 Olympics Commercial With Rolling Stones Song

//www.LuxuryTickers.com Unveils Omega Watches' London 2012 Olympic Promo Commercial Via Their Blog //Blog.LuxuryTickers.com.

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the song is 'start me up' :)

london 2012 olympic commercial theme song

this is the olympic theme song maybe from the commercial.

The Olympic Heartbeat ( London 2012 TV Commercial)

The Olympic theme song for the London 2012 olympics held in Stratford East London. Visuals By Mr Ben White. Music By Chiller Scheme ( Song Available for ...

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We in the States are getting excited - 1st version to hit our shores ... cannot wait!!!
well then the games can start ..... engarde, attack, touche
what is the name of the music playing please
ya what the song called in this video

Best Job P&G Commercial London Olympics 2012 Divenire- Ludovico Einaudi

By: Cathy Roy Done by ear -self taught Now that summer's here i'll have time to film all the songs I know so more to come! best job p&g commercial piano ...

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I didn't learn this from sheets I learned ti from looking at other people play them online and picked up the notes from there
I love u the song of piano Thanks for all 310374368 :)
Well done Cathy, I LOVE IT!! daniel.
Where can i get the notes!?
great job. sounds nice.
Thank you guys :)
listsen listsen
Wow... :O
Amazing :)
Lovin it

Salvi Moreno (British Airways) - London 2012 Teaser Ad (UK)

song: //www.facebook.com/pages/Salvi-Moreno/174754439298093 Our brand new TV ad will premiere on Facebook at 11am BST on Tuesday 19 June.

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they are crooks . over book and take your money after making a two month reservation in advance and "I" had to cancel right after the damn booking. refuse to give back my money . think about how many x that seat could be sold on your dime and for stand-by's. I have a medical reason and this corporation is stealing from customers possible customers and people of their own country because they are greedy . I want my refund BA!
The reason there is one Indian kid is that Indians and immigrants can't afford to fly British airways they stick with the cheap Irish airlines.
Any British Airways airline stewardesses on here?They beat Virgin and Quantas stewardesses by a million miles!
What??? What's wrong with people from Pakistan? They may be the people paying your wages.
why does the market stall holder say "you're all dead now" ? Fuck you BA
this is.nt the same song as on the tv add :o(
always a paki in the adverts
when and he dosent

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii)

Watch Mario and Sonic taking part in the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Find out more about the game at //www.olympicvideogames.com.

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So, everyone here is rooting for their favorite characters. I, for one, am still giggling like the crazy little fan girl I am :'D MY TWO CHILDHOOD HEROES IN THE SAME GAME!!!! And since we are talking about our favorite characters here: GO YOSHI! GO KNUCKLES! GO LUIGI! GO SILVER! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Olympic over but sadly no Paralympic in this game - should get it in the game too. Nearly over for London 2012 as soon as Paralympic closing ceremony is over on Sunday. We'll hand over to Socei for 2014 then to Rio 2016 - I think the game will be most brilliant for Rio cos very colourful celebration with carnival time! Farewell London 2012!
ok guys now to end the who is better war nintendo and sega made this game becuase mario and sonic are 2 of the best franchises in the world and sonic and mario dont hate eachother they are friends and i say go sonic becuz i like both but i like sonic franchise better.but please dont cuss at me thumbs if you agree with my whole comment
remember in the first episode of sonic x and how he out-ran that speeding race/police car. If he can out-run a car like that, using his super sonic speed would probably be considered cheating in a game. therefore he has to run like a normal person. .... Not trying to be a smart-ass, just letting you know
To be fair a lot of Sonic characters (metal Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, even Tails and knuckles at least in the original games) are nearly Sonic's speed. Against Mario characters though... yeah seems kind of unfair but guess it's due to you know having to even the odds as it were.
I like these Olympic games SEGA and Nintendo have been doing but is anyone else sorta tired of them? I mean, why not make an actual crossover game or something? Something like an actual game and not just doing sports
next we need to see Nintendo and Sega at the Olympic games. featuring link and other characters from these companies thumbs up if u agree
in the future they should add more game titles, like SSB. I would like to see pokemon in it or the Link fencingm stuf like that.
Wow really cool,I hope this is game is more better than the Mario and Sonic at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games!! ;)
Are they just gonna make games for every olympics lol? XD Anyways if so I don't mind :3 good games
This game is SOOOO cool that when I watched this I wanted this game when the action started
the start up of the game is amazing, why cant they make the game that good on the wii
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