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New york pizza vallejo Videos

Pacifica Pizza - Vallejo Excellent 5 Star Review by A G.

//pacificapizza.com/ (707) 554-3030 Pacifica Pizza - Vallejo reviews New Review We ordered here while staying at the Howard Johnson nearby. The pizza ...

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Pizza. Can't lose with good pizza.
Even had Pacifica Pizza leftovers today!
Looks like a great place to eat
And Pacifica pizza in Vallejo delivers! We had one last night it was yummy!

SLIDESHOW Las Poetas Flutist Hadar Noiberg and Jazz Singer Rebeca Vallejo @ ShapeShifter Lab

A great night of Mediterrannean/Spanish Jazz/new sound/new age with touches & specks of the Great World Sounds with The Hadar Noiberg Trio and The Jazz ...

Big Italian Pizzeria (Behind the Scenes Footage) HD

Big Italian Pizzeria (Behind the Scenes Footage) - This is a documentary on the behind the scenes footage of their first commercial shoot. Big Italian Pizzeria and ...

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Eric Garner NYPD wrongful death lawsuit settled for $5.9 million - TomoNews

NEW YORK CITY — A settlement has been reached between the family of Eric Garner and the city of New York for $5.9 million. Garner was killed by police on ...

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Why do we care about this guy?
Money won't him back , A life is More valuable than anything 
Apparently the family thinks otherwise.
Take one million of that money and use it to make sure all those police that were involved get what they deserve in prison.
They can't, part of the settlement deal was that the family can't sue anymore.
7.5 Million? Really? Is that what they want? Well, I guess it's to be expected from a family that looks like they live in a fucking dumpster. And you can't even put an estimate on how much being alive is worth. They're not going to get that money, they don't even deserve it. I know I may be called cruel and heartless person for this, but the government isn't going to pay that much just because of someone dying. 
Your words would change if you lost a family member to murder
Only 5.9m? You cannot put a price on life.
+Gadengo Nnb But a porkchop is $7.49
The officer was cleared of all wrongdoing. Why should they change their mind now and give them money?
+ToIvl To bury it of course
im glade they won the 5.9m lawsuit but that money is coming from tax payer pocket.
+Nas Sir they should take money out of polices' pocket and give to family.
But the policeman that suffocated a fellow taxpayer were funded by taxpayers :/
White society would rather pay millions than to put a white cop in jail for killing a black
"this one white did"
+Brad Walkowiak you live in a bubble dude, plenty white boys in the ghetto....i knew this 1 white boy & he had the ghetto attitude & talked ghetto....his whole family was redneck looking but lived in the ghetto...
+Smoke young black men tend to get in more trouble.....Ik its a racist thing to say but its true......never see a white kid in the ghotto
+Smoke "stop trying to complicate it because you don't like the outcome"PROJECT MUCH?" You tried to call bullshit on what I said and I proved you wrong - now you're trying to save face by sucking me into a new argument because you already lost the old one that YOU started."  Did you miss me saying "I recognize your proof " or is that not satisfactory enough for you? I'll say it differently - what you presented seems to accurately indicate you were correct, right, were saying the truth. Good enough now?"I don't have time to argue with an idiot who ignores the whole point of the discussion and only argues to win. "Is that an acknowledgement on your part that more whites get killed by cops than blacks? Good, then now you see why saying "young blacks are killed 21 times more than young whites" like it's proof of racism is a stupid thing to do.We had already ended the debate about 21 times, you won that, i was telling you why calling that racism is inaccurate and even damaging.But it seems you only want to inflame people into hating blacks, because, after all, the fact that 21 times more young blacks are killed by cops than whites might mean also that 21 times more young blacks are likely to commit a crime than their counterparts. See? Do you see i'm actually trying to help? Even you know that the situation is more complex than just racism, so don't make it just about racism.
+Smoke Normally I steer clear of this kind of argument but after seeing al sharpton on TV, angry as hell at the gangster mentality in the big cities I have to wonder if he doesn't have a point. This whole mess is due in some part to the polarization of black youths against the cops and the cops responding in turn. In some ways the spark that got it going was Micheal Brown, right or wrong its forced people to take sides.I don't have an answer, but it sure is a shitty situation to be in for anyone involved.
+asher tazStop being a sore little loser and grow the fuck up. This discussion is straight black and white so stop trying to complicate it because you don't like the outcome. You tried to call bullshit on what I said and I proved you wrong - now you're trying to save face by sucking me into a new argument because you already lost the old one that YOU started.I don't have time to argue with an idiot who ignores the whole point of the discussion and only argues to win. Find another sucker on your level to play this game with, I have better things to do than play a game of bullshit tennis with an idiot.
+Smoke Right, so it takes insult to convince you to back your arguments.I recognize your proof and come with mine:49 % of those killed by police are white, only 30% are black so black killings are, you guessed it, a minority (just as i said)//www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/21/police-kill-more-whites-than-blacks-but-minority-d/?page=allWhich means ( gasp ) more whites are killed by cops than blacks!REKT!!What does this mean?Not much. Depending on how you look at it, more blacks are killed per 100.000 blacks than whites per 100.000 whites, so a greater percent of blacks are killed than that of whites.It could be that young blacks are more likely than their counterparts to own a gun ( legally or illegally), which is a risk factor when dealing with the police, maybe black young men are more likely to be involved in criminal activity, especially in the poor cities/neighborhoods, or maybe they're more likely to be raised in a single parent environments, which has been shown to raise the chances of entering a life of crime.Buit to make my point why what you said is stupid at best and race baiting at worst, let me act just like you and say: 100% more blue eyed white people are killed by the police that blue-eyed blacks, which means cops are actually racists that want to kill whites.See how stupid that is? And how irrelevant?Stop race baiting.
+asher tazYour ass must have sealed off by now with all that shit always coming out of your mouth. You didn't google for shit you little liar. Here, read this and weep.//www.propublica.org/article/deadly-force-in-black-and-whiteREKT!!
+Smoke just google it, lolI googled it and it turn out blacks and whites are killed by cops in about the same numbers.Now, whit this, i counter you and call you a liar.Especially because that which is claimed without evidence (which you did not provide, even when asked) can be dismissed outright.So i call you a race vbaiter, a racist and a black supremacist trying to paint whites and cops (especially white cops) as remorseless killers of African young men.What else could be the reason for the cops to settle to pay 4,5 million, other than them being very racist ? ( just like all the other whites, blacks, asian and latinos, americans all, that are gonna pay those money out of pocket )
+asher tazJust Google it, it's all over the place. Why do you think black people are so pissed off? I also remember reading somewhere that cops would be killing around an extra 180 young white men a week if whites were being killed at the same rate as blacks.
+Smoke can you prove 21 times more blacks are killed than whites, by the police?
+Brad Walkowiak Oh, is that why young black men are killed at 21 times the rate of young white men by police? I guess the fact that they systematically see police killing people around them is all normal and they should just shut up and take the ass fucking like nice little black people.
There is no white society in america...society suppose to be all races and colors, but black people insist the world hate them and continue to feel sorry for themselves

1/18 Diorama NewYork city Diorama. overall things that what I had !

What i had made all things in 2011 ! though it seems pretty childish and not precise. Plz look at this one as one man's childhood memory. * this is not pretty ...

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where did u get the camper i have looked everywhere for one and cant find it also i love the lay out and im building my own soon and will post a video
great work!! swap out the police cars for crown victorias and impalas and throw a yellow crown vic in there n it would be perfect
Could u let me know whered u got that rv btw awsome
This would be perfect for my playmobil figures!
wow! very talented are you!!!!
excellent work
Pretty Cool!
Great work!
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