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Postpartum depression after pregnancy Videos

Postpartum depression , and loving your body again after giving birth

After giving birth the ups and the downs as a new mom... Begin to Love your body, and work hard for the body you want (with K.G.G)

Beautiful: Pine Rest Mother & Baby Postpartum Depression Program (45 second)

The Mother and Baby Program is a short-term, intensive treatment program for women experiencing significant symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, OCD or ...

Postpartum Meditation from Mama and Baby Love

This is a great meditation for all moms whether you have a 15 day old, a 15 month old or a 15 year old. A way to relax and release all of the stress and pressure ...

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Thank you, this is a beautiful meditation. It helped me through a difficult time.
Sorry to hear you are having a hard time right now, but glad to know this was helpful.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers today.  Lots of love. 

Postpartum depression: More than baby blues

Hormonal changes make many women feel weepy and fatigued after the birth of their baby. But if it lingers, it could be a sign of a more serious mental illness.

Post Partum depression

A documentary film about postnatal shocks experienced by women after giving birth. Types of postpartum shocks. Postpartum shock as a social problem.

Post-Partum Depression: It's NOT the Baby Blues!

It's normal to feel tired after giving birth, but how do you know if you're suffering from depression? Tori Kropp, author of "The Joy of Pregnancy", describes who is ...

Postpartum Depression and Becoming a New Mom

My journey through post partum depression after giving birth to my first baby.

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Aww wow.. Your video has really got tears in my eyes.. I to had postnatal depression & my baby boy is now 8months old. I am past all of that now like yourself but i do still have my down days.. Your an inspiration seriously!
+Alicr Fill thank you so much! it is definitely hard. my heart goes out to anyone who suffers through it!
I had this w my first baby too. It's so hard and it makes you feel crazy. None of it makes sense. Just know I had two others after and I didn't have it. It's nice that you shared this. I had those same feelings of being inadequate.
+Myrrisa Im so glad you didnt have it with your other children! I dont think anymore children are in my future as we already have 3! (2 from my husband) :)
You're back! I'm praying for you Shelley.
+Monica Robles Thank you so much! :)
hey b positive for itself and for ur new born baby congrats I have a baby boy and sure is tuff being a mommy at 21/ but we got to put light on the situation. and if u need to go have some down time to urself or therapy I do both and I've been feeling so much better
+youngforever123456 yes its definitely gotten so much better! :) thankfully!
O my goodness our stories are pretty much identical! I am on my 2nd pregnancy, and was unable to drink water for the 1st 20 weeks. I just drank ice tea. I was never a depressed person, so postpartum depression totally caught me off guard. I cried everyday for the 1st couple months, and then I stopped breast feeding and that helped alot! With this pregnancy I am already having some anxiety thinking about going through all that again. It is so real and scary. Thank you for sharing your story! xoxo
+MakeupByLindsey91 I hope it will be better for you the second time around!!! :)
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