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Car title places in el paso tx Videos

Mini-Bot (El Paso,Tx) Vs Blue (El Paso, Tx) BOTB 3 (After the finals)

Since randm cannot return to defend the title next month he asked that last months winner and this months 2nd place battle it out for the belt....

User Comments

i think both of them did well, there is no reason to diss another dancer in order to make your point about why someone else won , they both brought somthing to the table, mini bot brought isolation, waves and better battling then blue, blues groove leg work and hit are way better then mini bots, so it just depended on who stood out at that moment to the judges, respect to both these young brothas. no reason to hate one anyone Randm Soulbotics
mini bot is the one in the grey right? i think he was a little better. the guy in the blue wasnt bad though.
the one in blue is minibot!!!!!
song list? great battle!!!
I know mini bot his badass
who is who?

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