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Mitsubishi starion tsi Videos

88 conquest tsi (sqc nomad) Starion G54B Mitsubishi

88 conquest tsi (sqc nomad)

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Awesome Horn Dude! :)

Starion TSi vs. 3000GT FWD TT

3000GT FWD TT 8 PSI vs. Starion w/ unknown mods.

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@spoolinturbo I love seeing these comments. Shit never gets old. I have a vr4 and getting a Starquest by janurary. I don't understand why people like giving the 3000GT shit about its weight. First off this is a FWD meaning not as heavy. The VR4's are the mammoths weighing in at about 3800 lbs. Now everybody might think thats alot but guess what THATS ONLY 200LBS HEAVIER THEN THE MKIV SUPRA. On top of that stock for stock the vr4 is known to be faster then the Supra in the 1/4 mile.
Yeah, I am not the kind of person to lie about something stupid on youtube! I have a built 2.3 Talon TSi, and a 93' 300ZX TT with all the boltons you can do more or less- I'm a Mistu guy through and through! Starions are def. nice cars- this one probably just had a boost controller and FMIC, this particular 3000GT easily hands C5 vettes their asses! It's def. one of the better cars I've put together. Works better than expected.
It's funny seein ppl talk shit about the 3kgt cuz the only reason y they talk shit is cuz they can't get one an ya the 3kgt is heavy put the car feels an acts dif I hve a stealth rt n/a an I out run 5.0 300zx supra an out handle most cars my dad has a 06 BMW 330i m edition an my is fwd an I out handle him out run him an can stop shorter then him Idc wat u guyz say u don't know this cars til u drive one an the are sexy as fuck
People who talk shit about 3ks never owned one plane and simple. There better than almost every car out even today. The sls are the shit stiilll and its 2012....come on. Respect where its deserved. If the sl was rwd it wouldn't be as fast. Its pretty tits with fwd to be honest. Bettter to pulll somethin than push lol
I agree with #1. #2: VR4's are heavy, they weigh in 3800lb's are so, pretty much Supra weight. Slow? I'm not sure when 332FWHP is slow. It's quite a bit faster than a 340BHP Audi S4, if you don't believe it, check my other videos. P.S. I know this comment is 9 months old, I just read it now.
@spoolinturbo vr4s are heavy but thats not a vr4. the curb weight or a ff 3kgt is 3000-3300lbs depending on it it is a sohc or a dohc. and a 3kgt slow? lmfao a stock 3kgt dohc ff will do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. a modded ff dohc 3kgt can have 0-60 down to as quick as 3.6 seconds.
Yes, this video was done on my old setup and motor. Same exact mods in my dyno video where I make 330fwhp-340fwtq at 13-14psi if I remember correctly. I'm running two 16Gs now at 20-21PSI, the car should be making around 450fwhp but I have not gotten to dyno it yet.
I found the time slip for a 11PSI run, at 11psi on race gas it managed a 2.59 60' @ 28.88, 6.34 330' @ 64.2, 9.33 1/8th @ 84.6, 11.75 1/8th @ 101.0, and a 13.78 @ 112.7- highest trap speed. (The car is running an open differential and SUCKS traction wise....)
Alright, first off- watch the guy- we already were like "let's go!" before the video. Secondly, he get's off it as soon as he realizes he is losing. Watch first gear- he is right at the 3000GT's door, as soon as he realizes he is losing he backs out of it.
Ahh no doubt. Another fat kid (RFBObscure) who has a dad who has a faster car. No, I am sure a 197hp Starion should have no trouble taking a twin turbo SL with over 320 hp and over 3125 lb/ft. Seems about right. No go eat another sausage fatty.
RBFObscure, I am not sure what facts I stated that were wrong. I do in fact own a VR4 and a SL. The SL in this video has over 320hp and over 315lb/ft tq as it was twin turbo'd by the owner...seriously I am not even sure what you are getting at.
Yeah, no relatively stock or lightly modded Starion could touch this car. It dyno'd 332FWHP and 344FWTQ.... check the dyno videos. Much more than a Starion, the race was unfair, the Starion onlly tried for like 100ft since it knew it'd lose.
LoL that starion would have WHOPPED ur sorry ass if he was tryin LoL trust i had one and it whopped almost anything that came its way home boy dont think ur fuckin 3000gt is all that, its really not sorry 2 burst ur bubble kiddo :)
Not sure what you were saying since I'm only familiar with Deautsch and English. If you are arguing whether the car is twin turbo or not, it is indeed a twin turbo FWD 3000GT. Mitsubishi didn't make it like that, I did.
Fast, easy, and cheap swap... 5.9 liter Dodge V8. Use an older one, and it is REALLY cheap to get, and FAR less complicated. Also, with the iron block being so low, it compliments the Starion's center of gravity!
@coupe3kgt your telling me stuff i already know ive owned one lol got tired of takingintake manifold off to change rear plugs so i sold it. I loved that car and wish i still had it just a bitch to work on :/
@696969Brian696969 u cant run a car at 10:1 compression with boost u stupid fuck 7:1-8:1 is optimal for boosting. at 10:1 ur blowing the motor not even forged deep dish pistons can withstand that u fuck
And anther thing... Why the fuck are people comparing these 2 cars? Where the fuck do you think the 3000GT came from. The full name of the Starquest also included 2600 VR... HMMMM sound familiar.

Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R 1986

Figi Blue Conquest TSI - Starion on the ATS Dyno.

2005 Denton, Texas National Meet.

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where in the hell do you find parts? ive got an 88 thats in the electrical e.r. right now. i cant even find the headlight covers. it runs great and its alotta fun. i haven't found another one in arkansas that runs and drives. needless to say I WANT THE PSHHH!! sound...send me some links for parts and custom shops please.
You need to join the site, www.starquestclub.com or www.26liter.us or better yet, both. Sign up on the forums and post what you got/need. There is a wealth of knowledge for these cars there. You can still get TONS of parts for these.

1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R Forza Motorsport 4

Starion TSI Wideband

Conquest TSI Flat Black running Starion

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I wish mine idled that smooth...
thats some insane tick!

3rd gear pull Starion TSI

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