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Singapore airlines cpl training Videos

I'm a Commercial Pilot!

My training at Diamond Flight Academy Scandinavia is already over. It has been 9 incredible weeks. I passed the skills test for both the CPL and the IR with the ...

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congrats ! let me know when you are down in England and we can do a few flights together ..if you are up for it !
+ahayeahohyeah sounds awesome :D
Well done on choosing SimTech. Give me a shout when you arrive to Ireland and I will bring you for a flight in the 182!!
awesome :)
Cool, we are 5NM from Dublin, Weston Airport EIWT..
+FoxHotel Lima excellent! I'll take you up on that offer. My course starts on the 18th. Where are you based in Ireland?
Congratulations!! With your motivation and attitude you will definitely reach your full potential and be the best you can be, you are truly meant to fly and I hope to see you in the skies someday if I am as hard-working as you!
+MerryfaceAviation Thank you! Hope to start PPL over the Summer :)
+Páraic Hallihan cheers! Good luck to you :)
Congratulations! I'm personally excited for any new tutorial videos & following the career progress
Thanks Tim :)
+Dr. No thanks :)

737 Cockpit Video: Airline Pilot Training Simulator PART 1

AP264 MCC/JOT course 737 sim OAT. Tim & Dunc fly from Edinburgh to Eastmidlands in the 737-400 sim (fnpt2). Part 1; T/O to Cruise. www.ap264.com Oxford ...

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Pilot requirements in the UK (more specifically BA) 5 A* - C GCSE's (Of those including Maths and Science) A grade 1 medical certificate. 1,500 hours flight time (Of that dividing into cross-country, night-time, day-time and pilot in command, instrumental and V.F.R). Pass the knowledge test. Pass the practical test. No Criminal past or record, very sparse exceptions can be made on minor offenses. Be of a good moral character. 23 years+. Able to read, write and understand English. Thanks,
i am able to read and write and i am english but i have dyslexia will that stop me from become a pilot? because it is the biggest dream of my life to be an pilot for British airways in fact it is an honour my dad works there and he loves it but i really need some help because i figure you guys are the best people to come to but please get back to me thanks for your time i strongly appreciate it
It depends where you are from. In Canada you can make your recreational and private pilots license when you're 14, with the exception that you have to wait until you are 16 to fully own your license. For commercial you have to wait until you are 18. It is really costly, In Canada its about $5000 for recreational, $7500-$10000 for private and $60,000 for commercial :( You can also try air cadets.
hi am frm india now in phillippines got my cpl with ir and waiting for job with 350hrs logged...... and every airlines r asking for minimum of 1000hrs flying... so how can i get 1000hrs since am not frm rich family send after this is impossible... can u suggest me 2do anything more it will helpme... r can u suggest any airlines who r willing 2take freshers... plz assit me in this thing....
Yes go and visit each flight school. Stay there overnight, sit in on groundschool lessons, take a jumpseat in the jet sims, go in back of aircraft flying lessons and go to the BAR and have a beer with the other students and ask them what they think of the school - are there any problems/issues at the moment?! Thats the best way. forget all the marketing bull these schools throw out at you.
I left school with Alevels (maths, physics, geog). Got a degree in aeorspace engineering from university (3yrs). Then went to flight school and got my commercial pilots licence with instrument rating (1.5yrs costing £65,000). Then got employed by airline. You take the flight exams/tests whilst at the school and then the CAA issue you with the pilots licences.
helloo.. i am wanting to become a pilot im well detirmined however the cost of the course is quite a lot...i believe for oxford its 72,000? are u a pilot now?..and how did u get through the course with all the money costs?....and would oxford be a brilliant place to train to become a airline transport pilot? many thanks andrew mcgrath :)
I think the answer on how much you would see your family would depend a lot on the kind of airline you would be flying for. For example, if you do long haul flying you will be staying over in different places lots whereas if you fly for say someone like easy jet i think its a lot more stable and you return back to base in the evening.
I can't wait until I become an airline pilot for DELTA AIRLINES. Its been my life long dream but GOD I'm having a hell of a hard time paying to go to flight school just to get a private pilots license. I want to fly plane for Delta SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING BADLY!!!!! These guys are blessed. Hmmm guess it just sucks for me
yea its a real shame that its so much i dont think its fer at all like i said only rich ppl get to do this or if ya mom n dad are rich. i knew sum1 of the family who went and he didnt pass and how he is stuck with a huge debt he cant pay off :( allmost £200,000 of debt now :( this stuff should change 4 every1
Hey, thanks for the video! Just I need to understand something, when you do the check list, the PNF calls out the item and the PF switch on or off in the same time. Normally don't you need to do all the procedures before ? and after you check only ? I mean not a DO list. I am not sure if I am clear lol
yea i wanted go OXFORD to fligh until i had the pacjage throo and im sorry but i DONT have over £75,000 + extra to attend the school :( witch is a real shame cuz there is alot of good ppl out there that could really becum GREAT pilots but everything today spesh in the UK is money money money
@schoie2004 when I did it 2yrs ago the Oxford course was £63,000. Living expenses (medicals, fees etc) came to about £12,000. so £75,000 in total for me. BUT now oxford costs about £70,000 basic course fee, so youre looking at around £80,000 total.
i really want to join oaa for flight school... is there anything i can do to improve my chances of getting in?? I'm 21 and am in my second to last year of uni (here in oxford), and once i'm done I want to go straight away.
thatz gr8 bro .... thank u so much for the info will try my luck there also ... being a pilot is the hardest thing is the world most of the people outside aviation dont trust my words.. .. anyhow thanks and thank u so much
This is by far the best youtube video. Its my favorite. Thanks for sharing your video. Im still on Cessna 172 training and on my way to flight sim training in the future and as a A380 or Boeing 787 Pilot. Thanks AP264. :)
Yes perhaps now, but there WAS a cadet scheme open to any nationality (eg from anywhere in the world). As I know someone who is from UK and training on the scheme right now. Did u not read the link I sent you by message?
There are scholarships/sponsorships available so you can become a pilot for FREE. Unfortunately most young people just see places like Oxford with their £65K price tag as the ONLY way to become a pilot, which is WRONG!!
Hi there. Im 12 and ive always wanted 2 be a pilot and still do . What qualifications or requirments do you have. Also how much is the training and how long is it and do you get ur pilots licence at the training school ?
I am interested in getting my CPL in New Zealand. Do you have any suggestions on how to pick a flight school? Also, do you know the tuition fee from PPL to CPL at Oxford Aviation Academy in Scandinavian countries?
Yes, you only need GCSE's and Alevels. However you need to ask yourself, would having a degree make me more competitive to get the job at BA over other candidates - perhaps others who dont have a degree.....?
@AP264 I am just curious why someone would pay that much, when the salaries of airline pilots are plummeting (especially in the US). I love to fly but I would never be a commercial pilot (no money).
What was the total cost of the oxford intergrated course? including living expenses, licence issue, the lot? I can't work out how much I'd need. Don't know where I'll get the cash anyway though!!
hi, can you help me please? Im 15 years old and I want to become a commercial pilot for emirates airlines in the future. Can you please tell where do i have to study and what subjects? Thank you
Hi, is there an on-line simulator for educating and training? I always use the Google Earth simulator, but I think that there are many things are missing. Please inform me Thank you!
Only at sea level. They go upto about 106% which is 'overboost' or 'firewall'. Was climbing today at 100%N1 fairly normal. Remember air is less dense when you climb up in atmosphere
Hi can you help me please? Im 15 years old and i want to become a commercial pilot for emirates airlines. Please tell me where do i have to study and what subjects. Thank you
@radbcc yap man..I was also thinking of becoming pilot but when i saw the commercial airline pilots salaries. I was so oppressed. I am ain't going to be the pilot
If you work hard mate im nothing will stop you if that is really what you want to be :) good luck bud!!! (saw this comment and saw no one answered soo yeh ;)
+radbcc , most people become commercial pilots primarily for the love of flying. If you're in it for the money, your probably in the wrong industry ;-)

browndown training camp drill flights 8&9

Browndown training camp drill flights 8&9 video by: SGT. Morrell drill commands by: SGT. Drysdale drill squad:cpl. Uzzell, cdt. Stokes, cdt. Summerville, cdt.

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haha thats awesome i went there this year and it was FAB...hopefully go again next year :D
I was there (regular staff) 1973. Didn't have time to f... about on the deck.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! that is such a good idea! i have to do that!

Robinson R44 Helicopter Cockpit View Sea Crossing at Equator

Tim Gilbert picks up the story of two British helicopter pilots flying a Robinson R44 helicopter from the UK to Australia, this episode shows their departure from ...

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nice video

Malta School of Flying ALSIM ALX - Full Version

Malta School of Flying and Professional Aviation Training Academy Malta are proud to present a complete training package leading to the European frozen ...

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Very very very well done at MSOF.

MV-22B Osprey Aerial Refueling - Flight from Okinawa to Singapore (2014)

KC-130J's with VMGR-152 refuel MV-22B Ospreys with VMM-262 Feb. 6 during the flight from Okinawa to Singapore for the Singapore Airshow 2014. Video by ...

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Singapore Airshow 2014!! 
over philippines?
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