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Vw thing control arm Videos

Finding the VW control arm bolt hole locations #125

Problems with Airkewld beam instal

So I finally bought a 4 inch narrowed beam from airkewld, 400+$. My control arm bushings did not fit into the bushings. My control arm journals were polished ...

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Any time there is production there are a chance a bad part might get turned out. Yeah I agree they should of fit them but who is to say that it was the beam.. I have there adjusters I hit a pot hole with them at 60 mph bairly bent it a lil not there fault they do great work. And I am super happy with adjuster. Tho there air ride cost a bit but. U pay for there time and conveyance... airkweld keep up the work... if ya send me free stuff ill advertise haha js even a sticker lol
They do make nice stuff. But when paying for top of the line parts I expect it to be perfect. Honestly there are beams out there just as nice for a lot less. And the owner is a total idiot. I would recommend  jer fab or dub lab parts over air kewld all day.

X Cube II Unboxing / Review / First Look

Short vid on the new X Cube II Bluetooth 4.0, App, Temp Control, VV/VW/TC. the thing has a spec sheet as long as my arm!!! If you're looking for a fully spec'ed ...

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I just got mine in today and my led lights don't work I've updated my firm ware turn the lights on and off even tried turning them on by Bluetooth and still nothing do u have any suggestions how to fix it?
I've tried that it didn't work I think something isn't hooked up in it right
Try the setting.. You can program on or off plus set the color

Painting Upper Control Arms with VHT Epoxy Paint - 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus

We'll be restoring this '72 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus with our line of high heat, performance paints! The restoration is starting from the inside out.

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What did you use to wipe down the prep spray? I find that when I use the blue paper shop towels, I get little blue fuzzies on my project.
Hi +acousticpunker - you should try using a rag soaked in Prep Spray to avoid any little "fuzzies" getting onto your project. 
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