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Omaha nebraska first data Videos

Hillary Rodham Clinton in Omaha Nebraska 12-16-15

Ground Round - for Trombone and Live Electronics

Steve Parker - Trombone Steven Snowden - Composer Commissioned by Steven Parker This piece employs live audio processing techniques via the Max/MSP ...

User Comments

Great work! Any chance you could post you harmonizer patch? Would love to have a look at that. Many thanks and keep up the good work! : )
Writing a music theater work for solo trombone. Thanks for the inspiration ;-)
Great job, Steve!!

Lymphoma Clinical Update from ASCO 2015

James Armitage, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska, United States Christopher Flowers, MD, MS, Emory Winship Cancer Institute, ...

Ransomware is infecting computers right here in Nebraska!

Ransomware is a terrible virus infecting computer, laptops, tablets, and even phones. This virus encrypts and locks your device requiring you to pay the criminals ...

January 2015 Meeting

6:00pm – Start Meeting, Introductions and Welcomes 6:15pm – How First Data using Splunk – Patrick Swartz of First Data will show us how First Data is currently ...
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