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Neurological disorder mg Videos

Cluster Headache Attack

Cluster headache, is a neurological disease that involves, as its most prominent feature, an immense degree of pain in the head. Cluster headaches occur ...

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Please google/youtube Dr Elliot Shevel, headache clinic, South Africa. Its life changing!!! Contact them, book your airplane ticket and get it done. You will never look back!!!!! Good luck
+emmy K what's wrong with South africa?
+Deseré Robberts who goes to Africa for medical attention ?
Shame man, sorry. I am a medical doctor and have been suffering from clusters for about 26 years. Unfortunately medical science knows little about it. In desperation I have used every treatment method known to man from oxygen to anti-epileptics,calcium cannel blockers, cortisone and many more. Don't expect much other than side effects. Injectable triptans helps to abort the headache,but few patients can afford 2 or more of these a day. Ice on my face and in my mouth makes the pain bearable. I am going to try a new procedure where a radiologist occlude the maxillar artery under Xray vision, non invasive,safe and relatively cheap if you consider the morbidity of this condition. Im positive and excited. Will keep you posted!
+Rhode Gerber psilocybin....
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