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Club car 200 rpm spring Videos

F8 Motorsports Photography Workshop / HMSA Spring Club Event

Dennis Gray of F8 provides some insight on up close panning at Laguna Seca's Turn 11. This is a great place usually occupied by the timing and scoring folks.

Mazda MX-5 (2015) - Drive, Sound and Details

Finally we had the chance to drive and film the new Mazda MX-5 ND. This particular MX-5 is the more powerful version available, the 2.0 Skyactiv G. It has 160 ...

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Love this video and the sound of this car is just spine-chilling!
+Mr. Mazda Many thanks! Please subscribe to our channel for more great videos.

Road race 3rd gen f-body at Autobahn country club

This was a track day with MVP track time June 1st 2015. First time out this year with the car, which is a 1989 Pontiac Formula 350. I did a bit of work over the ...

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Looks like you had a lot of fun! Hope you get another video up once the vehicle is dialed in.
+phr1sk37 you can see some specs on the car here: https://wheelwell.com/profile/55009f7d622c46040fb9d71e/vehicles/55009f9e622c46040fb9d722/specs/The brakes are wilwood's all the way around. Forged superlites on C4 HD rotors in front and Dynapro's on 2 piece 12.19" rotors in the rear. If i were to do it again, i think i would have used wilwoods Aero 6 calipers in the front since they have a lot more pad. The Superlites are great calipers, but they were never intended for cars this big and heavy, and the pad area is too small - The result is I go through pads very quickly. I also have 3" ducts with backing plates going to the front rotors. Others who run single piece rotors like I'm doing tend to have them crack when they are cooling down in the paddock, I think the backing plates actually trap heat in the rotor when when the car is stopped, and this slows the cooling rate and prevents cracking.
Will do! Curious what you upgraded your brakes to =)
Look through my other videos, I have newer ones up. I'm always doing things to the car, can't wait to get on the track this year to see how it goes.

auto club speedway session 2 Ducati 1199 panigale tri-color lower fairing 2/28/16

auto club speedway session 2 Ducati 1199 panigale tri-color lower fairing 2/28/16.

Part 1.5: #fuckcancer S2000: Willow Springs International Raceway - Throwaway Lap

Super last minute effort to get back onto the track after a 6 month hiatus. First time at big willow..no official timing done. Just wanted to drive, have fun, and go ... //feedablog.com/reviews/513-saeco-hd8423-11-poemia-macchina-espresso-manuale-nero.html

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What exhaust is this. Sound brutal!

2013-10-09 - Scion FR-S - Heartland Park Touring Club Track Day - Last Intermediate Session

Track: Heartland Park - Topeka, KS (2.5mi full track configuration) Date: October 9th, 2013 Driver: Pete Schulte Vehicle: 2013 Scion FR-S Modifications: KW V3s, ...

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Great session. That little bit past Alpha Zero at the 11 minute mark looked like a pants shitting moment.
11:09 = felt way more wild in person :P

Superchargered NSX 0~60mph in 4~4.2sec launching at low rpm

0~60mph run with just a low rpm launch, depending on your stop watch 4.0~4.2sec. Car have new Comptech Supercharger + Intake/Header/Exhuast, 371rwhp ...

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Why does the NSX need a wankel rotor? Besides this is a beast with a supercharged v6 vtec its already awesome as it is. I don't think you can supercharge a rotary anyway, just turbo. Even if u put a rotary engine in the back you'd hope for all dear lord that engine was well balanced, also rotary engines drink petrol like theres no tomorrow. Putting a rotary into an NSX? Plain stupid. Hondas are VTEC for life!
i mite be wrong, but by how the shift sounded, u still could shift faster, and I'm not sure of how NSX's go, but will it be better to shift at like 7.9k rpm?. . . . so if what im saying actually make sense for nsx's :D you could get to 3.9 secs :O, i think you would like it even better ? :) gl bro, keep it nice keep it clean, its a lot of guys' dream car haha (including me)
It is MPH, car dynoed 371rwhp, approximaately 420hp at the flywheel, car only weight 2821 lbs. Just look at the RPM and the shift. Actually that was really slow, I didn't even launch. I can probably make it 3.5~3.8sec with 4500~5000rpm launch. That is my NSX btw.
Bl00dy hell, thats fast. Are you UK based? Would love my NSX to go that quick but I'm a bit of a purist and prefer to keep standard (OK apart from exhaust!)
Nice vid, thanks for posting! I tried to race an NSX in my MG ZS today, didn't end well for me. Sounded great though, a worthy loss :)
Wow man that's supercar performance there, I timed 3.77 secs, that's as fast as an MC12 (0-60mph) or is your speedometer in km/h?
Yes, I could shift much faster or launch much harder. Just trying to be gentle on the car. Still original clutch.
RX7 is good if you like working on cars, rx8 is good if you well...actually like it's design.
Nice. What kind of supercharger? How many miles have u driven on it--reliable or any issues?
don't blame you. Tired of people wanting you to tear up your car for there amusement.
katakanakaz, it is US spec stock 5spd. 1st gear 45mph, 2nd gear ~81mph, 3rd ~118mph.
Steve, I am in USA. Thanks for the kind words, I have other videos on my youtube.
Fix your car. Yellow sensor light? Pretty quick for a $100,000 car.
You may want a short shifter. or do you have one installed already?
Thanks, it is in MPH, you can easily tell by the gearing.
You've got a bigtime NSX there mate, take care of it.
What kind of computer are you running on your car?
it looks like this reached 0-60 in 3.5 seconds
What kind of supercharger you use on that?
Just curious nsxsupra 6 speed or 5 speed?
I wish my car could hit 80 in 2nd gear.
LUV THE NSX. Especially that one. lol
some nsx type r does 0-60 in 4.8 sec
That is traction control off light


Incar from car 43 during spring 200 may 08 ending in a roll over which finished their rally.

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Good Ol' Days Car Show 2009

The Good Ol' Days Show was put on in June, 2009 at the Occoquan Regional Park by the Prince William Cruisers of Virginia. The show was a huge success ...
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