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Oxford home birth support group Videos

Oxford Brookes University Student Video - Oxford Animal Sanctuary

Turn the Sound Up!!!!!!] - Hergé Films is an Oxford Brookes University media student group assigned the task of producing a "3 minute wonder".

Ranj Parmar of Different Strokes on BBC Radio Solent - Living With It: Stroke - 30th October 2013

Ranj Parmar who had a stroke at 39 speaks about his experiences on the BBC Radio Solent series 'Living With It: Stroke'. Ranj, along with his friend Andy, now ...

Hare Krishna Gave Up Good Job For God

Secret recording made on my local High Street, UK. An interesting chat with a Hare Krishna 'devotee' who was once a well-paid railway engineer, but who gave ...

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Hey !Just came across this..! Good to hear this, you are good didn't even notice that you are recording it ! It was Pleasure meeting you. Pop in sometime to visit us and ofcourse feel free to shoot more questions :)
+Talk Beliefs thanks for the Generous help! Had you have told that you want to record I could have been more open rather giving you general answers :) So how about coming down to visit us sometime and we can arrange a meeting, you can shoot whatever questions( Tougher the better lol) you may have. It would be great for your fans as well !
Generally speaking, well-intentioned numb-nuts. Many conversations at this end as well ;-)
+Talk Beliefs Very much so... to be honest, "i" have no fixed sense of self anymore & nor do "i" desire this... "i" have ideas / concepts / drives to do / to be...Life is far more complex than Johnny formerly thought & certainly "i" would never set myself in stone regarding metaphysical musing.
In some ways Johnny I can understand - life can be scary, especially when you start to realize it may be directionless and purposeless. So man creates purpose. The problem is that within those constructs he also creates traps for himself in the form of things like unattainable perfection, unforgivable sins, etc.
+Talk BeliefsThere is this mystical idea of no-thing-ness ... a state of undifferentiated stasis of sorts, if that makes any fucking sense whatsoever :-)Attainable by the devotee - like an infinite ommmmmmmmmm - which transcends all time/space/matter/energy & places one "at one" with the god-head.Humans concoct almost anything to escape the reality of:L iveS ufferD ie;-)
That is exactly what I thought  - why would the meaning of life boil down to saying a name over and over again? A bizarre belief.
+gaurav chauhanConsidering the state of the earth & the war-zone that is nature, very mysterious indeed ;-) In fact, it seems to be the mind of a sadist at work to all intents & purposes. But one assumes, that if a person devotes oneself to a repetitive mantra day in day out, then the real world just melts away, as the trance takes over ;-)
+Talk Beliefs Your statement that "I am beyond indoctrination made me come here uninvited..sorry..I'll just like to say that "God works in really mysterious ways"
It should be fun Johnny. No worries that i will drink the Kool Aid and be indoctrinated; I'm beyond indoctrination hehe (other than perhaps Pastafarianism)
+Talk Beliefs Well, Mr Vegan here - so it's always nice to know. You'll be fine in there. Definitely need the spy glasses dude :-)
You're way ahead of me, Johnny. :-)
+Talk Beliefs Free vegetarian/vegan food as well - can't be bad eh ;-)
I will definitely be taking up their offer of visiting their Manor headquarters (it is located very near my town) and rubbing shoulders with some sacred cows. ;-)

Cowley Road Carnival Kate Garrett Stage 2013

On July 7th 2013 BG Records & Young Women's Music Project curated a stage at Cowley Road Carnival for under 21s in memory of Kate Garrett. The stage was ...

The Lighthouse- indieGoGo Introduction

Support: //www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-lighthouse--2 Share: https://www.facebook.com/TLHFilm?ref=hl Learn More: //www.thelighthouse-film.com/ ...

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WOOOO i cant wait :D


Tempers flared when more than 150 people, including boxer Anthony Mundine, protested outside the New South Wales Parliament over the police shooting of ...

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Good on the protestors ! It's a shame the cops and the state and the government are the same thing! The facts for those who care to know! A) the car was stationary when the police unloaded their firearms! B) one of the victims was dragged out and beaten by the police C) there is no circulating video evidence of a victim been hit by the drivers from site D) at no stage did the thieves threaten, assault or compromise the lives of the officers! This is police brutality ! If it was your brother, si
The public has every right to be protected by police, especially when cars are illegally driven and then directed intentionally or otherwise at members of the public, innocent, harmless people who go about their business in a totally legal fashion. The protesters must have surely seen the videos posted elsewhere on You Tube. Let's hope that these young crims are charged with a serious offence with an appropriate penalty. The police should be applauded not condemned. for drawing their weapons.
its a sad world when a shooting victim becomes the guilty party meerly beacuse of the colour of there skin, you lessen humanitys worth with your continued existance good sir. this is a travesty of justice and colour has nothing to do with it. the day police can gun children down and the children become the guilty parties shows a society thats lost its scence of justice. the day a 14yr old is considered more culpable then a police officer is the day society dosnt need a police force anymore
"It's time to stand up all you young fellas and be counted. Don't let this happen to you any more," (words of Aboriginal activist Graham Merritt) Dear Mr Merritt, let's hope you design a programme which will achieve the outcome you propose. Teach them that this will never happen to them if they do not indulge in such lethal behaviour. Teach them the consequences of murderous behaviour and that if they avoid murderous behaviour they will not have anything like this happen to them!
Police may discharge their firearm: *when they have a reasonable apprehension of being killed or grievously injured, where the police officer cannot otherwise protect themselves or * to protect any member of the public, when the police officer has reasonable grounds to believe that such persons may be killed or grievously injured and there are no other means of preventing this occurring. The police shot at the car not at Aboriginals? And dont bring up TJ HICKY. What about NADEN?
Being an aboriginal person I back what the police did, they were protecting a woman who was being dragged along by these offenders. It doesn't matter what colour skin these kids had, at the end of the day they stole a car and didn't care who they hurt trying to get away from the police. I believe if anyone should be charged with attempted murder it should be the ones in the car as they purposely drove along the footpath knowing they could kill someone from their behaviour.
Mr Shoebridge, We know the truth; people were run over by a vehicle driven illegally by young crims who directed that vehicle, intentionally or otherwise at a group of innocent bystanders. Please keep to Green issues - this government needs to be better driven towards environmental matters, rather than arousing sympathy for individuals who have the potential to cause death. Police action may well have saved lives.
Reminds me of a conversation I had with an old digger years ago .He described coming across enemy soldiers who were not old enough to shave ,asking him of his response to this he said,some just cried and dropped their gun where others didnt ,the ones who didnt were dispatched to the almighty. A car is a deadly weapon ,the option was given to stop they didnt
Well man, I am trying to be a man of peace. I can see where you are coming from and I feel your sentiments are really valid. I am also a supporter of the Green movement, but with his attitude and manner, as you describe, he is really a liability. I really wish they had a less pathetic pool of people from which they could choose their candidates.
check "we dont shoot tires in kingscross" its about 4mins theres a few shows police shooting into already imobilised car point blank, taking time to aim between shots and has a decent angle on most of what unfolds. cause u ppl talking about a woman under car when they shot obvoiusly havnt seen even 1/2 the fotage out there
1. No sorry - I define a victim as; to be hurt damaged or killed ! (dict) Ie, shot point blank and beaten by police officers pretty much sums up a victim ! 2. 30 plus people taking video footage on site and not one piece of evidence circulating showing the apparent lady been treated or removed? Why? Coz there wasn't one !
Anything that comes out of the mouth of someone in the Greens party is either a lie or horse crap. If you don't break the law, police won't chase you. If you freeze when they say freeze, there wouldn't be T.J. Hiickey type incidents. They ones that stole the car, they got off light in my opinion.
These brain dead sheep are angry for all the wrong reasons. How dare you insult police force for protecting citizens being run over. The Race card cannot be used this time, no one cares about race except for you 'victimised' bunch of hypocrites.
the same old thing over and over, these people are professional victims. I am sick of hearing them bleat about how hard done by they are. TJ Hickey?? Stop living in the past. Tribal 1591 and gallaasium hit the nail on the head.
@tribal1951 I assume you have lots of experience in situations like this? Do you work for the police force or other government or public relations firm that works for the police either directly or indirectly or in any capacity ?
If it was my brother, he would have been at home in his bed where he belongs! Not out rampaging in a stolen car doped out and boozed! ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! They are nothing more than delinquents and trouble makers.
Shut up you worthless black fucks, wha wha fucken wha. Your sons are fucken criminals for fuck sake. They got shot for fucking around. It's funny to see the young apparently abo kids at the protest with white skin.
@tribal1951 oh ! So it was on channel 9 ! Must be true ! Yeah I'd take footage from channel 9 over 30 witnesses with cams any day ! Btw - with all that military training, I doubt there's much human left in you !
Innocent people could have died or been seriously injured because of these irresponsible idiots. Cut the typical ¨racism¨ sob story, am sick to death of it. Actions DO have consequences, suck it up!
The police did the right thing. if you can't comprehend that by now from the comments and the dislikes on this video then there is something wrong with you..
Wasn't nice of all the employees of the 50-odd participants at the rally to give them time off their jobs to attend.
Such a low profile protest. I try and watch the news every day and didn't see this.
Starting with Al Grassby, there is no such thing as "mainstream Australia society".
I agree mate, colour has nothing to do with the issue

Twins | Special Care Baby Unit | StreamingWell.com

//www.streamingwell.com/special-care-baby-unit-for-twins-and-more-video.html Nearly half of all twins born in the UK, and almost all triplets will spend time ...

Warm Springs Wild Horses at Equine Outreach

In the short amount of time these horses have been at Equine Outreach they have shown us how comfortable they are with us. There are a few who are friendly ...
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