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Guilford college blog Videos

Stone Johnson

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that was actually a milner window on the 2nd floor in the lounge. i know with the editing and stuff it looks like we were in binford right before that shot but the window is actually from milner. hope that helps.peace.
Awesome -- Campus looks more spruced up, but the Private Dicks still kick ass as they always did.

Dancing For Comics

At Guilford College What the Hell Con, a young dance student wanted to buy some GravyBoy comics, but had no money. She traded this jig for a set of comics ...

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i em hip-hop

Gabe ripping j.lord!

QUAKER RAPPER - "Lifted Up" Live

Quaker hip hop artist Jon Watts teams up with violinist Marina Vishnyakova for an orchestrated piece at their CD release party at Guilford College for "Clothe ...

Devil's Panties video blog 10

Jennie and her brain slug push some pirate comics, magnets, and geek out over Ghajini.

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Caulk!! So synchronistic - I caullked my tub over Christmas... You could put solid scents in the cases - 1 part beeswax, 1 part almond oil and as much essential oil stink as you like... voila! Portable Devil's Panties perfume!
OMG! My friend bought me Con Artists for my birthday!!! (Mostly because I couldn't make it to comic con.. epic fail on my part) BUT! I read it like.. 10 times and couldn't stop laughing!
My guess is that it was probably not so much the camera, but the software that was doing the importing (or capturing if it's a camera designed for the computer).
little bit of audio lag? or that just me! Yea im the same way, i have a heating blanket tho so we dont turn up the heat for the entire house heh. Stay Warm!
I so want your hat...Or I'll make one myself, either way. I'd love to walk into a church with a bright purple brain slug.
eh its not too bad.. i could still follow along.. except i couldn't catch the name of the movie you were talking about.
then brainworm say, "where did that thought come from?" jennie then say, "hehehehehehe from the gutter!"
BRAIN SLUG!!!!! I read this in the comic and thought it was great! XD It looks to awesome I want one!
Good God woman i adore you! x3 **squeal like a fan girl**
i like your venetian mask! and your brainslug of course.
Good to see the video blog back! Missed You
Brainworm starving indeed! Hehe -Dasota
I am such a fan of the brain slug.
monster hat eat brain mom nom nom
i want to make my own brain slug

8 Years of Quaker Songwriting!

I just realized that when I release my new project (Clothe Yourself in Righteousness: //bit.ly/dSAiO1), I will have been exploring spirituality and Quakerism in ...

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Congratulations on your new project. Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do. Thanks for explaining about the concept of the self and what it means for the self to die.
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