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Studio works shoes manufacturers Videos

Salim Finest Works Manufacturing Company Stitching leather bags

Welcome to Vintage Craft !!! Vintage crafts is the inspiration born through our admiration for unique, custom made accessories for men and women across the ...

Tej Aza Short Film 1

We know what you're looking for shoes with style come first and affordability made by a company with professionalism and integrity, at each grade we know what ...

Westcott Micro Apollo 2200

More Details ✓ //buzz-gadgets.com/product/?item=B000O6KEMO The Micro Apollo has a durable solid frame with arms that swing outward. These arms and ...

Palm Trees and Tattoos Convention Coverage Pt. 1 of 3

SullenTV covered the first annual Palm Trees and Tattoo Convention in Palm Springs, CA as Bernadette Macias caught up with some amazing artist such as ...

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She talks to the same artists every time on these videos.
Lol what did ppl think it was LA weather jacks!! 
man i got to go one of these 
me gusta Bernadette...

The Mediocre Zone | #24 | HardWest (2015)

a Polish game , from a newcomer made studio made a X-Com clone ... borrowing *ehm* heavily from Deadlands RPG as theirs theme... meet WESTERN ...

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I was actually quite interested in this game before reading the reviews and other peoples video. Shame, I really loved the Cowboy genre from movies to videogame (Yeah I know I am a bit boring, but I grew up with cowboys). Thought this would be as good as Silverload as a "Acid Western"
IF you want a quick summary : A good western occult DeadLands script, trapped in a game that looks like a Xcom Fan Mod with broken combat system ...and game design thats missing the most basic stuff from RPG that became a norm
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