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this guy is spending his time trying to figure out what is going on in the world and should be applauded.Thankyou for your knowledge.I dont care if he got the year 1 yr out wrong but thanks for highlighting this.
+Ian Pearson No problem Ian. I was discussing with another subscriber about making a video for this year. In fact I had wanted to make one for a few months, but I never did. Most of the information was in this video, perhaps the lesson is its always a year away. :)I am looking into a different date, although I cant swear there will be a false flag on that date, it does seem like a significant date for such.   Michael
Please can I contact you? I am writing something big about spirituality. I've been looking for a wise man like you! When will the next one possibly happen? please contact me. Thank you very much!
+Calvin Wit I will send you a message from my email account.;  Thanks Calvin   Michael
You Sir...are a LEGEND among researchers worldwide. I respect you and your knowledge, I think we would have a great conversation if we ever met in real life. I researched this since 9/11/2001, to see what "they" are going to do next in a deep level, a deep esoteric kabalistic level. I commend you Sir, keep up your great work. You were right 100% on a false flag event 1 year and 5 months in advance. o7
+cdenver Thank you cdenver. The correct date was 322-15, I had discussed on here with a subscriber concerning a video about this year, I felt it was something to look at. 322 is a date set for shit to happen. Plus I think they will hit America with an ISIS attack in due time, that when shit will seriously hit the fan.  Thanks again,Michael
Yeah you are right, but still. March 22 was predicted! The year is always difficult.
+Saskia Tichelaar Ok, I predict that something will happen on 6/11 at some point in the next 100 years. lol
The uploader has changed the video title from 2015, to 2016. Google search '322 MARCH 22ND 2015 FALSE FLAG DATE', & you'll see a link to this video. He forgot to change the date to 2016 in the video description though, so it still reads '2015' Bit of a scam, & very misleading! You should be ashamed, mate!
Ok lets do it! wich date?
+CJDG2009 Ok, I'll pick a date & upload a video proclaiming some great disaster. Let's say 6/11/16. If nothing happens on that date, I'll change the video title to 6/11/17, & see if something happens then. Then 6/11/18, etc... I'll be right on one of the dates, for sure!
+HereAreThingsIveSeen i saw that to, but the date was correct, it was only a year later. not so big mistake

Pluto in False Color Show Compositional Diversity.

Added animation to the false color of Pluto included in the next source. : Pluto and Charon in False Color Show Compositional Diversity Release Date: July 14, ...

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The best image of Pluto we are ever likely to see folks.

True or False for ios app PHP Admin Panel Demo

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Planet X Saqar Sijil NIBIRU and the Dajjal - False Messiah

Imama mahdi order not give a date on NIBRU close encounter ... //

Leaven Alert: Kent Hovind's False Doctrine | 8-23-15

Kent Hovind is teaching (and has taught for a long time) a number of false doctrines, yoked up with leavened preachers, and left stumblingblocks for many young ...


First time ko to haha. 15 mins ang aking ginugol sa bawat mata haha. A total of 30 mins. I hope nagustuhan nyo!!! And please, wag nyo na gayahin ung mga ...

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Ang ganda ng lashes and super bagay sa eys mo Ems. Tama ka sis, struggle talaga sa una but it will get better after lots of practice. :)
I had the same issues putting False lashes before nong first time but at the end it was worth it :) It looks good on you ate :)
I've got a question, are those lashes also good for cosplay and will the lashes stay for a long time on my eyes???
naku patay rin ako sa ganyang lagay ... di pa ako nakatry mag Falsies! ...haha... observe observe muna ako...
nice dolly natural lang dating nya ano number nyan sis i like it thank you for the review muah!!!
Omg! naka relate ako ng sobra hahha first time ko lang din maglagay nyan ganyan din nangyari..
nangangapa pa at first.. pero mssanay din ako hihi.. Thanks for watching sissy!
Thank you pretty! magpractice pa ko, pra mabilis ako matapos next time haha..
ganyan din ako nung first :'( but now!!! tseeda! pinutulan ko din. HAHA
Practice lang sis..makukuha mu din yan.. :) galing for a first time. .
un may kasama na ko, hindi ako nag iisa haha.. kaya natin to rhaze :)
anG Ganda ng lashes., :) struggle din ako mg apply ng lashes., :(
i like it sissy! :) thumbs up! gusto kong bumili nyan.. :)
oo nga, pero nd sya mukang natural hehe. Thank you sis!!
let me know pag natry mo na huh.. Fulfillment! :)
Mura lang ba essence na mga eyelashes jan Ems?
tama, i need more practice pa. Thank you sis!
Thank you ja! lalo tuloy ako naencourage :)
thank u sissy! for sure bagay yan sayo! :)
hihi naiinis na ko nun sa tagal.. :D
omg the packaging is too cute >,
Thank you sissy! info box po :)
ang kulit ng ihip factor haha!
super cute! so girly... :)
P180 ko po sya nabili.. :)
awsome review ate :)..
Thank you missy!! :)

False Pregnancy invitation to 30.07.11 @ Tapper

Club - Tapper Date - 30.07.11 Entrance - 3 euros if you checked in on facebook - // or vkontakte ...
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