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Autism spectrum disorder impact on learning Videos

Shawn Lyons Autism Spectrum Disorder Teenager Part 1.mov

Jeanne Lyons discusses her son Shawn and his characteristics of ASD. Shawn also discusses having Asperger syndrome and the impact it has had on his life ...

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Viewed this documentory, was very informative. My son has aspergers, was diagnosed at age 3. At first, it was hard to accept his disability. However, as time went on I learned to work with him on needed skills, reading and writing. Some of the teachers were very helpful. Now that he is an in- Senior, I feel that he is going to need more help in preparing for future. Thank you, Shawn for being an Autism advocate. I feel this may be my calling too. Good luck in your future.
I knew Shawn during my freshmen year of high school; A wonderful person, and a wonderful friend. I never even knew this; Doesn't make him any different of a person.
Shawn! I have known him in both high school (North Springs) and college (UGA)... amazing person!
Oops, he is an in-coming senior. It's hard to type on this phone.

The Learning Report - Vasopressin and Oxytocin

Our assignment for PS261 on Vassopressin & Oxytocin and the effects theses two hormones have on Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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