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Guilford college bookstore phone number Videos

Vehicles damaged in Midsomer Norton - 3/3

We've released three YouTube videos featuring CCTV footage of four men we want to speak to after vehicles were damaged in Midsomer Norton. Two vehicles ...

Occupy FIU educate SGA

Occupy FIU outside of Mario Diaz Balart lecture in the Graham Center try talking..

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They agreed to follow the rules than when FIUPD asks them to leave a facility they will obey and they are breaking a contract which they signed once they erolled into FIU. I respect all those ideas they have about the government because is a free country but it is stupid to speak of the law when you do not know anything about it. If you have an issue with FIU codes of conducts enroll into another institution that is not run by the state and we will see if you are aloud to disturbs others privacy
This cop did break any law at all. When students enroll into FIU you agree to follow certain rules and this is a facility which mean you must obey those rules. This studets and the right to express themselves under the constitution however they were breaking FIU rules by cretaing a disturbance with their loud tone of voice making other student uncomfortable. They know nothing about law which they think they do. I have a criminal justice degree and for the fact that they agree to attend fiu
Rising tuition, rising debt, Lowered standards of education. We are speaking out for people idle and uninformed. Free Speech zones are a mockery to our first amendment. If you've noticed they raised the parking fees and tuition by 15% yet another year. Also you can't park backwards anymore or risk getting a ticket. Priorities are upside down and money comes first...
i love how everyone stops when the police leaves, why dont you just make videos about what you want to say instead of the confrontation with the police....this movement isnt supposed to be about confrontation, if you really want to get your thoughts out there make a video post it all over youtube facebook twitter.....fucking douches
That uncomfortable feeling they were having was the very thought of what you were telling them to even possible be true. The American public is so juiced up on the lies of the media, education budget cuts, i guarantee you they probably can't even name 3 of the founding fathers let alone the 10 amendments
young potheaded fools who's sole purpose is to act rebellious and conjure up these garbled fantasies of a perfect utopia and shove them in people's faces, going so far as to interrupt events. Why didnt you go to the "free speech" zone?
@Ferminator89 oh, and.. its a lot more than 15 people. the fact that we cant all be at the same time in the same place is reflective of the fact that we are students and we do go to our classes and most of us work on top of that.
The establishment stinks. It is an axiom. The U.S. and many entities within it love to give lip-service to freedom of speech, but they try to suppress it if they think they can get away with it.
You guys are idiots. You just came out of you mothers belly and think you know what goes on in the world. I love people who don't know that they don't know...
@guiditobarba "this movement isnt supposed to be about confrontation" . . . Ok bro, good luck saving the world from the safety of your keyboard. Cabbage.
@Ferminator89 if by "in this movement" you mean Occupy FIU, no, the majority (or nearly everyone) are FIU students.
why is he saying "that's fascism, that's communism" when hes talking about totalitarianism
clowns, everyone involved.
so crazy that guy

Ferrum Wrestling, Men's LAX Workout Sept. 26

Ferrum's wrestling and men's lacrosse teams in strength & conditioning workouts at Bassett Field on a beautiful September day.

Charlie Siem at the Apple Store, Covent Garden, London 25.08.2011 - Part 2

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2:13 The look on his face. Did someone play a wrong note? Surely not. Very expressive. You've got some amazing footage of Charlie @ the Apple Store.
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