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17 day diet chicken enchiladas Videos

Kenmore Live Studio: Dia De Los Muertos Celebration - Mexican Chicken Enchiladas Recipe

Here at the Kenmore Live Studio Chef Kari Karch demonstrates how to prepare chicken enchiladas with some help from a lucky member of the studio audience.

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Not authentic American enchiladas so sad


Brooklyn & Kamal Links: LET'S COOK! MY COOKING CHANNEL: iloveLeila https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTmOl2NcNhFJi870y_805A Instagram: www.

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Brooklyn is so cute and kamal I love your vlogs honestly I watched all your videos this weekend your amazing and my favorite youtuber! 
+Beautyvlogger21 Awh thank you! You are sweet!! :)
You are seriously an awesome cook!
+Cookfor mykids Stop it! Love you guys :))
Catching up up my favorite youtuber
+Katie Jason Thank you Katie! XoXo
OMG!!!!! I Just wanted to "blue skadoo" (please tell me you remember that) RIGHT into your kitchen and eat it ALL up , and I've never eaten beef or pork in my life,but your sauce made me want to try it for the first time...hey there's a first time for everything lol. 
+Tink D I do know!! I won;t tell if you do try it, I keep secrets well ya know... *Rolling eyes....
I feel your pain! Sinus infection here too. Feel better!!
I know. My head, ears, nose, teeth even. Ugh! Thank God I only have one, and she's 14! Take care of yourself
+Amber Lynn Awh you too! My ear now hurts! LOL What the hey?!?!

Whole 30 - Day 17 - Cooking Break; Except Breakfast

Day 17 of the Whole 30 we took a cooking break. It Starts with Food - By: Dallas & Melissa Hartwig My Breakfast - Eggs with Red & Green Peppers, Onion and ...

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I often have egg scrambles too, and i LOVE them. I feel like I am slipping though. I feel really snacky. I roasted some nuts and right now, am drinking a smoothie. I don't recommend this, lol. 
Myeisha hang in there; it will get better! Miss hearing from you; hope all is going well and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Spicy Ramen w/ Chicken & Vegetables!

Brooklyn & Kamal Links: LET'S COOK! MY COOKING CHANNEL: iloveLeila https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTmOl2NcNhFJi870y_805A Instagram: www.

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I'm making one right now. I love ramen but I've never tried putting rice in it. 
looks yummy im so making this:)

Almased weightloss powder 11 lbs lost video [day 6

almased day 5-16, it $35 at your local heath food store, check out an almased website to see at your local stores! I love it.

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Thanks for the follow up post.
thanks for watching!

Day 765 - Baked fried chicken with low sodium bread crumbs

Hello my friends, Tonight was the first night of classes and it was an opportunity for me to work on my time management. So I knocked out my assignment right ...

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Great job on the chicken man... It really looks like fried chicken only it was baked. I had a feeling that was going to happen to the chips when you mentioned you were going to leave them for 45 minutes. Lol. Anyways, I love that you kept it real!
Ezekiel Bread is awesome.. Love it.. They have different varieties.. Sooo Delish.. Awesome job on the Chicken.. Sorry bout the chips..!!
Hi Carol, I just updated the comments and included a link that will give you information about the bread I use. Hope it helps. :)
Chicken looks so good! I wrote down the name of your bread to see if I can find it. Sorry about the chips! love Carol
Chicken looks tastey!! Thanks for your realness lol! Next time with the chips:) great vid. God bless!
Too bad YT doesn't have scratch and sniff (LOL remember the 80's stickers) Really great recipe!
Does look delicious. I will try it, thanks for sharing, good video.
Sounds so delicious!!
looks yummy

Lo Carb Cafe -- Ep 17 -- Ranch Chicken

An episode of my low carb cooking show. Check out the website: //www.wannabeloser.com for more recipes and updates.

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Hi Kelly, thanks for the great recipe. I have to get back into my LC WOE now too. Getting started is the hardest part, especially when today is Halloween, and candies are everywhere! I hate Ranch dressing, ranch anything really, but you are giving me some good ideas. Checked out your site, and the pizzas and sloppy joe pie looks sooo yummy this morning. I'll be watching your other vids now, as I need inspiration. Tomorrow is the Big Day for me! Going to start back then. Yay! ~Molly
Great to see you back. You look fantastic and I look forward to more recipes to come. You always have great ideas that are simple and easy to make. We all need motivation so thanks - a new recipe to try to keep the process going. Thanks again and welcome back.
I'm gonna try this.... welcome back Kelly, it's been a long time since you posted a new cooking video...I've been hoping you would kick start the low carb recipes. I have made the KFC chicken one many times! Thanks Rebecca
I had to come check out your show - good work! You look great, btw! I haven't seen you since that wedding you came back for a couple years ago... keep it up, girl!
Hey girl. I've been off of youtube for awhile..I'm back now and wanted to say..You look great !!! Keep up the great receipes. Merry Christmas !!!!!
You look great! congratulations on your weight loss! Nice to see you back : )
Yippee!!! Kelly is BACK!! Great recipe. We loved it.
Welcome back Kelly!! Yay another video
That looks really good! :)
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